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[crack-attack-devel] Crack Attack! Dedicated Server

From: LumpN
Subject: [crack-attack-devel] Crack Attack! Dedicated Server
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 15:29:15 +0200

Dear Crack Attack! coders,

thank you for providing the source code of the latest version of Crack
Attack!. This way I was able to implement a dedicated server
compatible with version 1.1.14.

The server is currently running at '', port 8080. It
basically just links together two Crack Attack! clients (version
1.1.14). That is, when the first client connects to the server,
nothing (obvious) happens. The client just idles. But when another
client connects to the server, those two clients are paired for a
match. There are no advanced features like explicit matchmaking, chat
rooms, or any server status feedback. But it works without any changes
to the client.

I've already tested stability and correctness of the dedicated server
with some colleagues of mine. It should *cough* be quite stable and
solid by now, so feel free to give it a try. I'd like to publicly
announce the server and I would be glad if you'd mention it on your
project page.

There are a lot of possible improvements to the networking part of the
game, starting with reducing the traffic by approx. 80% by minor
changes to the communicator (making it incompatible with v1.1.14).
Also graphical feedback for half-opened matches and an extra 'play
online'-tab in the GUI would be nice. And of course I'm planning on
resurrecting the website of the Crack Attack! League. The server will
upload the match results to the website automatically. Feel free to
contact me (address@hidden) if you'd like to work on this
classic game again.

Currently my spare time is very limited and will presumably be very
limited for another couple of weeks/months. For now I just want to
inform you that there is a dedicated server available and it waits for
some epic battles to commence.

  Jonas 'LumpN' Boetel

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