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[crack-attack-devel] Re: Crack-Attack broken by new freeGLUT version

From: Andrew Sayman
Subject: [crack-attack-devel] Re: Crack-Attack broken by new freeGLUT version
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 13:25:22 -0500
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Dan Gerhards wrote:
> I hope you don't mind emails from random people about problems like this. If 
> there is a better way to contact you, I will be happy to use it.

This is fine, or the devel list in general.

> ------------------------------------------------
> SuSE 10 uses the upgraded freeGLUT 2.4, and Crack-Attack won't start since I 
> installed it. I'm probably not the only one who misses the game!
> "crack-attack --solo" dies with this error:
> freeglut  ERROR:  Function <glutCreateWindow> called without first calling 
> 'glutInit'.
> Apparently, freeGLUT 2.2 allowed this, and 2.4 doesn't. I tried to fix it 
> myself, but it's been ten years since I programmed in C. I got it to compile, 
> but it kept segfaulting.

I've never run into this problem personally, and I don't really understand it
since we call glutInit really early on. The most recent debian package has a
patch which fixes this.

> If I try just "crack-attack" (without --solo) I get the nice, new opening 
> screen (cool!), but the game won't start. The console gives me this message 
> twice:
> X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 169
>   Major opcode:  146
>   Minor opcode:  3
>   Resource id:  0x0
> Failed to open device
> I hope this is only one problem.
> Thanks for reading this far!

I'm not sure about this either, because I've not been able to reproduce the core

Try out this patch if you can and let me know how it goes.
--- crack-attack-1.1.14.orig/src/Attack.cxx
+++ crack-attack-1.1.14/src/Attack.cxx
@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@
 int main ( int argc, char **argv )
+  glutInit(&argc, argv);
 #ifdef WANT_GTK
   if (argc <= 1) return gui_main(argc, argv);

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