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[cplay-dev] My favourite music player

From: Tom Adams
Subject: [cplay-dev] My favourite music player
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 08:51:49 +0000


I've been reading the list archives today, and this mplayer backend
intrigues me. I have my own one-line patch to use mplayer for one
filetype that was previously not supported at all in cplay, but
there's no pausing or skipping. So I would very much like to get my
hands on this patch.

I decided to fork cplay and add some patches after the site went down
(I realise now I should have probably used quilt or something similar,
especially because most of the patches are from Debian's package):

The only really interesting thing in there is the ALSA support, which
is fairly hacky.

And today I felt like some fun so I decided to grab as much as I could
from archive.org and put it all into git. Here are my exciting scripts
to do that (and the actual files, to save time and effort):

It works pretty nicely so far (with accurate dates), but I'd like to
perhaps add the ChangeLog in there too which may be somewhat tricky.
And also, not all of the files are available on archive.org - which
gets to my main point - does anybody have a mirror of the cplay site
(the "old" and "pre" directories, specifically)? Also, this is a very
long-shot, but does anybody have the exact date-time cplay-1.49.tar.gz
was uploaded (i.e. the Last-Modified header)? It would be nice for
pedantry's sake.

One more thing, any news on this "revival" I read so much about?

Tom Adams

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