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coreutils-9.1.198-e68b1.tar.xz on Linux/s390x

From: Sam James
Subject: coreutils-9.1.198-e68b1.tar.xz on Linux/s390x
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2023 20:28:14 +0000
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# grep -rsin "FAIL:"
  8920:# XFAIL: 0
  8921:# FAIL:  2
  12462:FAIL: tests/misc/cksum-raw
  17659:FAIL: tests/df/df-symlink
  36761:# XFAIL: 0
  36762:# FAIL:  2
  37856:# XFAIL: 0
  37857:# FAIL:  0

The cksum-raw issue has already been reported by Bruno so I'm not
worried about that, but df-symlink is a bit odd.

I've put the whole log at tests/df/df-symlink.log at


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