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doc: add "version sort" chapter

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: doc: add "version sort" chapter
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 12:57:05 -0600
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Hello all,

I would like to suggest adding a new chapter to the manual,
detailing the nitty-gritties of "version sort" in coreutils.

Attached suggested patch.

The new sections are:

30 Version sort ordering
  30.1 Version sort overview
    30.1.1 Using version sort in GNU Coreutils
    30.1.2 Origin of version sort and differences from natural sort
    30.1.3 Correct/Incorrect ordering and Expected/Unexpected results
  30.2 Implementation Details
    30.2.1 Version-sort ordering rules
    30.2.2 Version sort is not the same as numeric sort
    30.2.3 Punctuation Characters
    30.2.4 Punctuation Characters vs letters
    30.2.5 Tilde ‘~’ character
    30.2.6 Version sort uses ASCII order, ignores locale, unicode characters
  30.3 Differences from the official Debian Algorithm
    30.3.1 Minus/Hyphen ‘-’ and Colons ‘:’ characters
    30.3.2 Additional hard-coded priorities In GNU coreutils’ version sort
    30.3.3 Special handling of file extensions
  30.4 Advanced Topics
    30.4.1 Comparing two strings using Debian’s algorithm
    30.4.2 Reporting bugs or incorrect results
    30.4.3 Other version/natural sort implementations
    30.4.4 Related Source code

Comments very welcomed,

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