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Parsing week-of-year in `date --date` input

From: John Passaro
Subject: Parsing week-of-year in `date --date` input
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2019 13:04:53 -0400


Is there a way I can ask Gnu date to parse date input that specifies a
week of the year, without specifying a month or date (except maybe


$ date +%F -d 2019-W14-2  # expected output: 2019-04-02
date: invalid date '2019-W14-2'

Previously posted on stackoverflow [1], hoping this is a more fruitful
place to get answers. Note that though my example and that question
specify ISO format for week-of-year (and that seems like the most
straightforward possibility), I'm interested in any way of providing
this information to `date`. I'd be grateful for any insight.

[1]: "Interpret ISO week-of-year in gnu coreutils"

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