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[commit-womb] gnumaint gnupackages.txt pkgblur...

From: karl
Subject: [commit-womb] gnumaint gnupackages.txt pkgblur...
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 23:41:07 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/womb
Module name:    gnumaint
Changes by:     karl <karl>     13/10/13 23:41:07

Modified files:
        .              : gnupackages.txt pkgblurbs.txt 

Log message:
        add more missing blurbs


RCS file: /sources/womb/gnumaint/,v
retrieving revision 1.6
retrieving revision 1.7
diff -u -b -r1.6 -r1.7
---      10 Oct 2013 23:45:22 -0000      1.6
+++      13 Oct 2013 23:41:06 -0000      1.7
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# $Id:,v 1.6 2013/10/10 23:45:22 karl Exp $
+# $Id:,v 1.7 2013/10/13 23:41:06 karl Exp $
 # The generate actions for the gm script (see --help message).
 # Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
@@ -344,23 +344,37 @@
   my %pkgs = &read_pkgblurbs ();
   for my $pkgname (sort keys %pkgs) {
     next if &skip_pkg_p ($pkgname);
     my %pkg = %{ $pkgs{$pkgname} };
     warn "$PKGBLURBS_FILE:$pkg{lineno}: $pkgname not in gnupackages\n"
       if ! exists $gnupkgs{$pkgname};
     my $pkglabel = $gnupkgs{$pkgname}->{"human-label"};
+    delete $gnupkgs{$pkgname};
+    # we intentionally omit blurbs for some packages.
+    next if $pkg{"blurb"} =~ /^null/;
     push (@ret, qq!\n<--#if expr="\$pkg_selection = /:$pkgname:/" -->!);
-    push (@ret, qq!<h4><a href="/software/$pkgname">$pkglabel</a></h4>!);
-    my $blurb = $pkg{blurb};
+    push (@ret, qq!<h4><a href="/software/$pkgname/">$pkglabel</a></h4>!);
+    my $blurb = $pkg{"blurb"};
     $blurb =~ s/\&/\&amp;/g;
     $blurb =~ s/</\&lt;/g;
     $blurb =~ s/>/\&gt;/g;
     $blurb =~ s/"/\&quot;/g;
+    $blurb =~ s/'/\&#39;/g;
+    chomp ($blurb = `echo '$blurb' | fmt`);
+    $blurb =~ s/\&#39;/'/g;
     push (@ret, "<p>$blurb</p>");
     push (@ret, "<!--#endif -->");
+  # make sure we've covered every package.
+  for my $leftover (sort keys %gnupkgs) {
+    next if &skip_pkg_p ($leftover);
+    warn "$PKGBLURBS_FILE:1: $leftover missing\n";
+  }
   push (@ret, "\n<!-- End file $autostamp -->");
   return @ret;

Index: gnupackages.txt
RCS file: /sources/womb/gnumaint/gnupackages.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.194
retrieving revision 1.195
diff -u -b -r1.194 -r1.195
--- gnupackages.txt     10 Oct 2013 23:45:23 -0000      1.194
+++ gnupackages.txt     13 Oct 2013 23:41:06 -0000      1.195
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# $Id: gnupackages.txt,v 1.194 2013/10/10 23:45:23 karl Exp $
+# $Id: gnupackages.txt,v 1.195 2013/10/13 23:41:06 karl Exp $
 # Public domain.
 # This file is maintained in the CVS repository of GNU womb,
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@
 doc-summary: APL interpreter
 doc-url: none
 gplv3-status: should-be-ok
-activity-status: ok 20131008 (1.0)
+activity-status: ok 20131012 (1.0)
 package: archimedes
 doc-category: Science
@@ -215,12 +215,12 @@
 activity-status: ok 20111218 (bayonne-2.99+3.0apionly2)
 package: bazaar
-savannah: nonesuch
+savannah: none
 copyright-holder: notfsf
 language: c,xpython
 doc-category: Version
-doc-summary: Decentralized revision control system
+doc-summary: Version control system supporting both distributed and 
centralized workflows
 gplv3-status: not-done-in-2.02/14dec09-asked-rms, doc-license-is-gpl-too
@@ -549,8 +549,7 @@
 gplv3-status: not-done-in-0.97-awaiting-gnome-in-general-i-suppose
-activity-status: ok 20090503 (0.97)
-last-contact:  9jun08 breuer replied
+activity-status: ok 20111218 (0.97.2)
 note: not clear if this is really a GNU package
 package: dico
@@ -694,7 +693,7 @@
 gplv3-status: not-done-in-3.1.3
-activity-status: ok 20090501 (3.1.3)
+activity-status: ok 20130724 (3.3.12)
 last-contact: 23nov09 replied, no gplv3 decision
 note: explicit ok from rms that this is hosted remotely.
 note: explicitly don't want to release via (11mar10->karl)
@@ -1046,7 +1045,7 @@
 doc-url: none
 gplv3-status: done-as-of-2009
-activity-status: ok 20090519 (2009)
+activity-status: ok 20130523 (2013)
 package: gnats
 mundane-name: GNATS
@@ -1075,7 +1074,7 @@
 gplv3-status: under-discussion-per-bkuhn-speters-mail-23nov09
-activity-status: ok 20080706 (2.22.3)
+activity-status: ok 20130925 (3.10)
 package: gnowsys
 mundane-name: GNOWSYS
@@ -1275,7 +1274,7 @@
 gplv3-status: working
-activity-status: ok 20101001 (gnumed-server-14.4, gnumed-client-0.8.4)
+activity-status: ok 20130923 (gnumed-server-18.9, gnumed-client-1.3.9)
 package: gnumeric
 doc-category: Spreadsheets
@@ -1283,7 +1282,7 @@
 gplv3-status: not-done-in-1.9.18-uses-goffice-gnome-not-done
-activity-status: ok 20100125 (1.9.18)
+activity-status: ok 20131001 (1.12.8)
 note: FIXXXME Gnumeric has a logo, but I couldn't find it online.  yavor
 package: gnump3d
@@ -1464,7 +1463,7 @@
 doc-summary: GNUstep interface designer
 gplv3-status: not-applicable-since-gnustep
-activity-status: ok 20081226 (1.2.8)
+activity-status: ok 20130414 (1.2.20)
 package: gpaint
 doc-category: Graphics
@@ -1676,7 +1675,7 @@
 package: guix
 logo: /software/guix/graphics/guix-logo.small.png
 doc-category: Sysadmin
-doc-summary: Managing installed software packages and versions
+doc-summary: Functional package manager for installed software packages and 
 doc-url: none
 gplv3-status: should-be-ok
 activity-status: newpkg/20121117

Index: pkgblurbs.txt
RCS file: /sources/womb/gnumaint/pkgblurbs.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.4
retrieving revision 1.5
diff -u -b -r1.4 -r1.5
--- pkgblurbs.txt       10 Oct 2013 23:45:23 -0000      1.4
+++ pkgblurbs.txt       13 Oct 2013 23:41:07 -0000      1.5
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# $Id: pkgblurbs.txt,v 1.4 2013/10/10 23:45:23 karl Exp $
+# $Id: pkgblurbs.txt,v 1.5 2013/10/13 23:41:07 karl Exp $
 # Public domain.
 # This file is maintained in the CVS repository of GNU womb,
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
 package: 3dldf
 blurb: GNU 3DLDF supports 3D drawing with output to the MetaPost format via
-+ a language similar to the METAFONT language.  It is primarily
++ a language similar to Metafont.  It is primarily
 + intended to provide a means of creating 3D content for TeX documents,
 + but it can also create animations containing text typeset by TeX.
@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@
 + printing. It accomplishes this by being able to delegate files to
 + external handlers, such as Groff and Gzip.  It handles as many steps
 + as is necessary to produce a pretty-printed file.  It also includes
-+ some extra abilities for handling special cases, like pretty-printing
-+ "--help" output from terminal commands.
++ some extra abilities for special cases, such as pretty-printing
++ --help output.
 package: acct
 blurb: GNU acct provides a means for system administrators to determine
@@ -145,14 +145,18 @@
 blurb: bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language.  It
 + includes an interactive environment for evaluating mathematical
 + statements.  Its syntax is similar to that of C, so basic usage is
-+ familiar.  It also includes "dc", a reverse-polish calculator.
++ familiar.  It also includes dc, a reverse-polish calculator.
+package: bfd
+blurb: null (binutils)
 package: binutils
 blurb: GNU Binutils is a collection of tools for working with binary files.
-+ Most notable are "ld", a linker, and "as", an assembler.  Several
-+ other tools are included, such as a program to display binary
-+ profiling information, a tool to list the strings in a binary file,
-+ and tools for working with archives.
++ Perhaps the most notable are "ld", a linker, and "as", an assembler.
++ Other tools include programs to display binary profiling
++ information, list the strings in a binary file,
++ and utilities for working with archives.  The "bfd" library for
++ working with executable and object formats is also included.
 package: bison
 blurb: Bison is a general-purpose parser generator.  It can build a
@@ -188,7 +192,7 @@
 package: c-graph
 blurb: C-Graph is a tool for demonstrating the theory of convolution.  Thus,
-+ it would serve as an excellent aid to students of signal and systems
++ it can serve as an excellent aid to students of signal and systems
 + theory in visualizing the convolution process.  Rather than forcing
 + the student to write code, the program offers an intuitive interface
 + with interactive dialogs to guide them.
@@ -253,15 +257,21 @@
 + language API specifications and provides a wide array of
 + functionality.
+package: classpathx
+blurb: null (inactive, mostly merged into classpath)
 package: clisp
 blurb: CLISP is an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.  Common Lisp is a
 + high-level, object-oriented functional programming language.  CLISP
 + includes an interpreter, a compiler, a debugger, and much more.
+package: cobol
+blurb: null (stale:20131013)
 package: combine
 blurb: combine works to merge files based on a common key in a hash table.
 + It can be seen as similar to, albeit much more powerful than, the
-+ standard "join" command-line tool.  Unlike "join", any number of files
++ standard "join" utility.  Unlike "join", any number of files
 + may be merged based on the matches found.  combine also has other
 + advanced features, such as date parsing and directory traversal.
@@ -278,6 +288,11 @@
 + learning or reviewing unfamiliar code or in reminding yourself about
 + code you wrote that seemed comprehensible at the time of writing.
+package: config
+blurb: The "config.guess" script tries to guess a canonical system triple,
++ and "config.sub" validates and canonicalizes.  These are used as part
++ of configuration in nearly all GNU packages (and many others).
 package: consensus
 blurb: null (stale:20131010)
@@ -313,6 +328,15 @@
 + relatively easy while still providing advanced graphical
 + capabilities.
+package: dc
+blurb: null (bc)
+package: dia
+blurb: null (wait for rest of gnome to be included, I guess)
+package: djgpp
+blurb: null (let's not advertise a DOS-only package)
 package: dr-geo
 blurb: null (stale:20131010)
@@ -334,7 +358,7 @@
 blurb: DejaGnu is a framework for testing software.  In effect, it serves as
 + a front-end for all tests written for a program.  Thus, each program
 + can have multiple test suites, which are then all managed by a
-+ single, so-called "test harness."
++ single harness.
 package: denemo
 blurb: Denemo is a music notation editor that provides a convenient
@@ -373,7 +397,7 @@
 + to semiconductors.
 package: dmd
-blurb: DMD is a "daemon-managing daemon," meaning it manages the execution
+blurb: DMD is a daemon-managing daemon, meaning that it manages the execution
 + of system services, replacing similar functionality found in typical
 + init systems.  It provides dependency-handling through a convenient
 + interface and is based on GNU Guile.
@@ -383,8 +407,8 @@
 + rules a nation and must maintain their nation in the face of
 + competition from the other players.  Players must make political,
 + economical, military and diplomatic decisions in order for their
-+ nations to survive.  Note that this game is intended to be played by
-+ players with access to the same computer system.
++ nations to survive.  This game is intended to be played by
++ players all with access to the same computer system.
 package: ed
 blurb: Ed is a line-oriented text editor: rather than offering an overview
@@ -444,6 +468,12 @@
 + printer.  It also includes the capability to perform syntax
 + highlighting for several different programming languages.
+package: eprints
+blurb: null (web site is all about open source, doesn't mention GNU, etc.)
+package: epsilon
+blurb: null (stale:20131013)
 package: fdisk
 blurb: GNU fdisk provides a GNU version of the common disk partitioning tool
 + fdisk.  fdisk is used for the creation and manipulation of disk
@@ -461,23 +491,22 @@
 + "find" recursively searches for files in a directory according to
 + given criteria and "locate" lists files in a database that match a
 + query.  Two auxiliary tools are included: "updatedb" updates a file
-+ name database and "xargs" may be used to apply commands to file
-+ search results.
++ name database and "xargs" may be used to apply commands with arbitrarily
++ long arguments.
 package: fontutils
 blurb: Fontutils is a set of utilities for manipulating fonts.  For example,
 + you can convert scanned images of characters into bitmaps, you can
 + hand-edit the bitmaps, or you can convert them into outline fonts.
 + In general, Fontutils supports the font formats supported by the TeX
-+ typesetting environment, however it also supports PostScript Type 1
-+ fonts.
++ typesetting environment, include PostScript Type 1 fonts.
 package: freedink
 blurb: GNU FreeDink is a free and portable re-implementation of the engine
 + for the role-playing game Dink Smallwood.  It supports not only the
 + original game data files but it also supports user-produced game
 + mods.  To that extent, it also includes a front-end for managing all
-+ your game mods.
++ your game modifications
 package: freefont
 blurb: GNU FreeFont is a collection of scalable outline fonts that are
@@ -587,7 +616,7 @@
 + command-line options using the getopt_long function found in GNU
 + libc, removing some of the tedium of this task for large programs
 + that accept many options.  The options parsed by the generated
-+ function may be in both the short (i.e. "-h") and long ("--help")
++ function may be in both short (e.g., "-h") and long ("--help")
 + formats, as specified by the GNU coding standards.  Additionally, the
 + output of the standard options "--help" and "--version" is generated
 + automatically.
@@ -636,6 +665,9 @@
 + used to translate along a line, translate in a plane, and do
 + three-dimensional translation and rotation.
+package: glib
+blurb: null (gnome)
 package: global
 blurb: GLOBAL is a source code tagging system that functions in the same way
 + across a wide array of environments, such as different text editors,
@@ -650,6 +682,9 @@
 + the C library, a stand-alone LP/MIP solver is included in the
 + package.
+package: glue
+blurb: null (stale:20131013)
 package: gmediaserver
 blurb: GMediaServer is a UPnP-compatible media server.  It serves audio and
 + video files to network-connected media players via a command-line
@@ -667,6 +702,9 @@
 + some of v8 and v9.  It is possible to configure Gnash to use several
 + different audio or video backends, ensuring good performance.
+package: gnat
+blurb: null (included in gcc)
 package: gnats
 blurb: GNATS is a set of tools for tracking bugs and other user-reported
 + software issues.  It is completely open-ended in how its database may
@@ -680,6 +718,12 @@
 + It provides a convenient means for working remotely with a GNATS
 + database.
+package: gnome
+blurb: GNOME is the graphical desktop for GNU.
+package: gnowsys
+blurb: null (stale:20131013)
 package: gnu-c-manual
 blurb: This is a reference manual for the C programming language, as
 + implemented by the GNU C Compiler (gcc).  As a reference, it is not
@@ -690,6 +734,9 @@
 package: gnu-crypto
 blurb: null (stable, mostly merged in classpath)
+package: gnuae
+blurb: null (no-release:20131013)
 package: gnubatch
 blurb: GNUbatch is an advanced batch scheduling system.  It executes
 + computational jobs at specified dates and times or according to
@@ -733,6 +780,9 @@
 + automates several tasks, such as financial calculations or scheduled
 + transactions.
+package: gnucobol
+blurb: null (no web pages or releases yet)
 package: gnucomm
 blurb: null (container)
@@ -762,6 +812,9 @@
 + tools can be enhanced and extended through their configuration files
 + to perform new commands.
+package: gnujdoc
+blurb: null (container for Japanese translations)
 package: gnujump
 blurb: GNUjump is a simple, yet addictive game in which you must jump from
 + platform to platform to avoid falling, while the platforms drop at
@@ -772,12 +825,34 @@
 package: gnukart
 blurb: null (stale:20131010)
+package: gnulib
+blurb: Gnulib is a central location for common infrastructure needed by
++ GNU packages.  It provides a wide variety of functionality, e.g.,
++ portability across many systems, working with Unicode strings,
++ cryptographic computation, and much more.  The code is intended to be
++ shared at the level of source files, rather than being a standalone
++ library that is distributed, built, and installed.  The included
++ "gnulib-tool" script helps with using Gnulib code in other packages.
++ Gnulib also includes copies of licensing and maintenance-related
++ files, for convenience.
 package: gnumach
-blurb: GNU Mach is the microkernel around which GNU Hurd is based.  It
+blurb: GNU Mach is the microkernel on which GNU Hurd is based.  It
 + provides an Inter Process Communication mechanism that the Hurd uses
 + to define interfaces for implementing standard kernel services in a
 + distributed, multi-server manner.
+package: gnumed
+blurb: GNUmed is Electronic Medical Record software, supporting
++ paperless medical practices.  Several interface languages are supported.
+package: gnumeric
+blurb: GNUmeric is the GNU spreadsheet application, running under
++ GNOME.  It is interoperable with other spreadsheet applications.  It
++ has a vast array of features beyond typical spreadsheet functionality,
++ such as support for linear and non-linear solvers, statistical
++ analysis, and telecommunication engineering.
 package: gnump3d
 blurb: GNUMP3d is a streaming server for MP3s and OGG vorbis audio files,
 + movies, and other media formats.  It is small and self-contained,
@@ -854,6 +929,9 @@
 + delay, and filters.  GLADSPA plugins may also be used for further
 + processing.
+package: gnuspeech
+blurb: null (no-release:20131013)
 package: gnuspool
 blurb: GNUspool is an advanced print spooling system.  In addition to the
 + functionality of the standard printing system, it provides
@@ -865,6 +943,12 @@
 package: gnustandards
 blurb: null (infrastructure doc)
+package: gnustep
+blurb: GNUstep is a fully-functional object-oriented development
++ environment; a number of user applications are also
++ included.  It closely follows the Cocoa APIs but is
++ platform-independent.
 package: gnutls
 blurb: GnuTLS is a secure communications library implementing the SSL, TLS
 + and DTLS protocols.  It is provided in the form of a C library to
@@ -877,6 +961,9 @@
 + the Nutrient Database of Standard Reference of the US Department of
 + Agriculture as a source of food nutrient information.
+package: gnuzilla
+blurb: null (container for icecat)
 package: goptical
 blurb: Goptical is a library for optical design and simulation in C++.  It
 + provides model classes for optical components, surfaces and
@@ -884,6 +971,9 @@
 + creating and placing optical components in a 3d space and light
 + propagating through the system.
+package: gorm
+blurb: null (included in gnustep)
 package: gpaint
 blurb: GNU Paint is a simple, easy-to-use paint program for the GNOME
 + environment.  It supports drawing freehand as well as basic shapes
@@ -937,14 +1027,13 @@
 package: groff
 blurb: Groff is a typesetting package that reads plain text and produces
 + formatted output based on formatting commands contained within the
-+ text.  It is used particularly often in the formatting of "man"
-+ documentation pages.
++ text.  It is usually the formatter of "man" documentation pages.
 package: grub
-blurb: GRUB is a multiboot bootloader.  It is used for initially loading the
-+ kernel of an operating system and then transferring control to it. The
-+ kernel then goes on to load the rest of the operating system.  As a
-+ multiboot boot loader, GRUB handles the presence of multiple
+blurb: GRUB is a multiboot bootloader.  It is used for initially loading
++ the kernel of an operating system and then transferring control to
++ it. The kernel then goes on to load the rest of the operating system.
++ As a multiboot boot loader, GRUB handles the presence of multiple
 + operating systems installed on the same computer; upon booting the
 + computer, the user is presented with a menu to select one of the
 + installed operating systems.
@@ -972,6 +1061,13 @@
 + include: differential equations, linear algebra, Fast Fourier
 + Transforms and random numbers.
+package: gsrc
+blurb: GSRC supports installing the latest releases of GNU packages on
++ an existing system.  New versions are installed in a separate
++ place so as not to interfere with the system versions.  The goal is to
++ make it easier to work with the original, upstream, GNU sources, and
++ perhaps help with development and testing.
 package: gss
 blurb: The GNU Generic Security Service provides a free implementation of
 + the GSS-API specification.  It provides a generic application
@@ -987,6 +1083,9 @@
 + 10 to 1000 BPM. It provides a GTK+-based user interface and it can
 + use both OSS and ALSA as the audio back-end.
+package: gtk+
+blurb: null (included in gnome)
 package: gtypist
 blurb: GNU Typist is a universal typing tutor.  It can be used to learn and
 + practice touch-typing.  Several tutorials are included; in addition
@@ -1010,18 +1109,31 @@
 + database system is used.  It currently supports MySQL, Postgres and
 + SQLite3.
+package: guile-figl
+blurb: null (no-release:20131013)
 package: guile-gnome
 blurb: Includes guile-clutter, guile-gnome-gstreamer,
-+ guile-gnome-platform (GNOME developer libraries), guile-gtksourceview.
++ guile-gnome-platform (GNOME developer libraries), and guile-gtksourceview.
 package: guile-ncurses
 blurb: guile-ncurses provides guile bindings to the ncurses library.
+package: guile-rpc
+blurb: null (no-release:20131013)
 package: guile-sdl
 blurb: Guile-SDL is a set of bindings to the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL).
 + With them, Guile programmers can have easy access to graphics, sound
 + and device input (keyboards, joysticks, mice, etc.).
+package: guix
+blurb: GUIX is a functional package manager for the GNU system, and is
++ also a distribution thereof.  It includes a virtual machine image.
++ Besides the usual package management features, it also supports
++ transactional upgrades and roll-backs, per-user profiles, and much more.
++ It is based on the NIX package manager.
 package: gurgle
 blurb: GURGLE produces database report listings from record and field
 + information from a file.  It uses the report to produce
@@ -1414,7 +1526,7 @@
 package: moe
 blurb: GNU Moe is a powerful-but-simple-to-use text editor.  It works in a
 + modeless manner, and features an intuitive set of key-bindings that
-+ assign a degree of "severity" to each key; for example key
++ assign a degree of severity to each key; for example, key
 + combinations with the Alt key are for harmless commands like cursor
 + movements while combinations with the Control key are for commands
 + that will modify the text.  Moe features multiple windows, unlimited
@@ -1667,7 +1779,7 @@
 package: sather
 blurb: Sather is an object-oriented programming language similar to Eiffel.
-+ It is designed to be "simple, efficient, safe, and non-proprietary."
++ It is designed to be simple, efficient, safe, and non-proprietary.
 + It features garbage collection, statically-checked strong typing,
 + multiple inheritance, parameterized classes and more.  This package
 + consists of a compiler, a class library, the language specification
@@ -2004,12 +2116,12 @@
 + demonstration purposes.
 package: xorriso
-blurb: xorriso is a tool for copying files to and from ISO 9660 Rock Ridge,
-+ a.k.a Compact Disc File System, filesystems and it allows
-+ session-wise manipulation of them.  It features a formatter and burner for CD
-+ DVD and BD.  It can operate on existing ISO images or it can create
-+ new ones.  xorriso can then be used to copy files directly into or
-+ out of ISO files.
+blurb: GNU xorriso is a tool for copying files to and from ISO 9660 Rock
++ Ridge, a.k.a Compact Disc File System, filesystems and it allows
++ session-wise manipulation of them.  It features a formatter and burner
++ for CD, DVD and BD.  It can operate on existing ISO images or it can
++ create new ones.  xorriso can then be used to copy files directly into
++ or out of ISO files.
 package: zile
 blurb: Zile is a lightweight Emacs clone.  It usage is extremely similar to

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