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[commit-womb] womb/gnustatus gnustatus-2011-01.texi

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [commit-womb] womb/gnustatus gnustatus-2011-01.texi
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 01:29:44 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/womb
Module name:    womb
Changes by:     Karl Berry <karl>       11/01/24 01:29:44

Modified files:
        gnustatus      : gnustatus-2011-01.texi 

Log message:
        reorg using @unnumbered


Index: gnustatus-2011-01.texi
RCS file: /sources/womb/womb/gnustatus/gnustatus-2011-01.texi,v
retrieving revision 1.11
retrieving revision 1.12
diff -u -b -r1.11 -r1.12
--- gnustatus-2011-01.texi      12 Jan 2011 00:21:33 -0000      1.11
+++ gnustatus-2011-01.texi      24 Jan 2011 01:29:43 -0000      1.12
@@ -1,10 +1,19 @@
 \input texinfo   @c -*-texinfo-*-
address@hidden $Id: gnustatus-2011-01.texi,v 1.11 2011/01/12 00:21:33 karl Exp $
address@hidden $Id: gnustatus-2011-01.texi,v 1.12 2011/01/24 01:29:43 karl Exp $
 @comment %**start of header
 @set mytitle GNU Status Reports: January 2011
 @settitle @value{mytitle}
address@hidden off
 @comment %**end of header
+ \raggedbottom
+ \hbadness=10000
address@hidden tex
@@ -32,25 +41,18 @@
 @node Top
 @top @value{mytitle}
 This document collects status reports for GNU packages.
-* Status::
address@hidden menu
address@hidden ifnottex
address@hidden Status
address@hidden @value{mytitle}
 This is a revival of the GNU Status Reports from the historical
 @cite{GNU's Bulletins}, @url{}.  The goal
 is to provide GNU-wide news and information from time to time, from as
-many packages as want to provide it.  @url{}
-lists all GNU packages, with links to online manuals and home pages.
+many packages as possible.
address@hidden://} lists all GNU packages, with links to
+online manuals and home pages.
 See also @url{}, which aggregates the individual
 GNU news items posted on Savannah (@url{}).
@@ -84,7 +86,7 @@
 @node Binutils
address@hidden Binutils (@url{})
address@hidden Binutils (@url{})
 From Nick Clifton: The GNU Binary Utilities project (@code{binutils}
 to its friends) is continuing active development.  Version 2.21 has
@@ -146,7 +148,7 @@
 @node Coreutils
address@hidden Coreutils (@url{})
address@hidden Coreutils (@url{})
 From Jim Meyering and P@'adraig Brady: We've just released
 @file{coreutils-8.9}, which fixes a number of relatively important
@@ -167,9 +169,8 @@
 Some of the hardest work on coreutils is knowing what to reject and
 providing appropriate justification to the contributors.  The
-contributions below all came since the last update and while good
-ideas, they were not included for various reasons detailed on the
-mailing list.
+contributions below all came in recently, and while good ideas, they
+were not included for various reasons detailed on the mailing list.
 @table @code
 @item test -ed
@@ -199,9 +200,9 @@
 @node Electric
address@hidden Electric (@url{})
address@hidden Electric (@url{})
-From Stuart Rubin: the Electric VLSI Design System is a complete CAD
+From Stuart Rubin: The Electric VLSI Design System is a complete CAD
 package for integrated-circuit design.  It lets you draw schematics,
 draw IC layout, and even use textual hardware-description-languages.
 It has many tools for analysis and synthesis, and can interface to
@@ -214,7 +215,7 @@
 @node Freefont
address@hidden Freefont (@url{})
address@hidden Freefont (@url{})
 From Steve White: In GNU FreeFont release 20100919, several language
 scripts were added:
@@ -241,7 +242,7 @@
 @node Gawk
address@hidden Gawk (@url{})
address@hidden Gawk (@url{})
 From Arnold Robbins: Gawk has been seeing lots of progress recently.
 A major new release is in the works and should be ready within a few
@@ -262,7 +263,7 @@
 @node GNUCOMM
address@hidden GNUCOMM (@url{})
address@hidden GNUCOMM (@url{})
 From David Sugar: GNUCOMM is the umbrella name for the GNU Telephony
 system.  It includes several packages: Bayonne, Sipwitch, and
@@ -292,7 +293,7 @@
 @node GNUtrition
address@hidden GNUtrition (@url{})
address@hidden GNUtrition (@url{})
 From Jason Self: I'm working to rewrite GNUtrition in C with SQLite
 instead of depending on an external SQL server, a modern UI, and some
@@ -306,7 +307,7 @@
 @node Grep
address@hidden Grep (@url{})
address@hidden Grep (@url{})
 From Jim Meyering: Grep saw several maintenance releases in 2010.
 There have been a few minor bug fixes since the last release, and
@@ -318,7 +319,7 @@
 @node GSASL
address@hidden GSASL (@url{})
address@hidden GSASL (@url{})
 From Simon Josefsson: GSASL is the GNU Simple Authentication and
 Security Layer library.  During December 2010 a new stable release
@@ -335,7 +336,7 @@
 @node GSEGrafix
address@hidden GSEGrafix (@url{})
address@hidden GSEGrafix (@url{})
 From Spencer Buckner: GSEGrafix is a GNOME application which uses an
 anti-aliased GNOME canvas for creating scientific and engineering
@@ -366,7 +367,7 @@
 @node GSL
address@hidden GSL (@url{})
address@hidden GSL (@url{})
 From Brian Gough: The GNU Scientific Library is a numerical library
 written in C.  It provides a large collection of mathematical routines
@@ -391,7 +392,7 @@
 @node GSRC
address@hidden GSRC (@url{})
address@hidden GSRC (@url{})
 From Brian Gough: The GNU Source Release Collection (GSRC) is a build
 system for GNU packages.  The goal is to make it easy to install the
@@ -426,7 +427,7 @@
 @node Guile
address@hidden Guile (@url{})
address@hidden Guile (@url{})
 From Ludovic address@hidden: GNU Guile is an implementation of the Scheme
 programming language that can be embedded in applications to allow
@@ -477,7 +478,7 @@
 @node Hello
address@hidden Hello (@url{})
address@hidden Hello (@url{})
 From Karl Berry: GNU Hello remains a complete example package,
 attempting to exemplify some best practices for GNU packages.  For
@@ -490,7 +491,7 @@
 @node Hurd
address@hidden Hurd (@url{})
address@hidden Hurd (@url{})
 From Thomas Schwinge: Yeah, that's right!  The GNU Hurd is the GNU
 project's replacement for the Unix kernel, implemented as a collection
@@ -558,7 +559,7 @@
 @node Texinfo
address@hidden Texinfo (@url{})
address@hidden Texinfo (@url{})
 From Karl Berry: We hope the next major release of Texinfo will be
 made in 2011, after several years of development.  Thanks to my
@@ -577,7 +578,7 @@
 @node XBoard
address@hidden XBoard (@url{})
address@hidden XBoard (@url{})
 From Arun Persaud: XBoard is a graphical user interface to chess in
 all its major forms (and many others).  Over the last year XBoard

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