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[SCM] GNU Inetutils annotated tag, v1.9.4.90, created. v1.9.4.90

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: [SCM] GNU Inetutils annotated tag, v1.9.4.90, created. v1.9.4.90
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2021 11:29:00 -0500 (EST)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Inetutils ".

The annotated tag, v1.9.4.90 has been created
        at  bb9fec44a9e64e0d81909da8aedb09248dd0d35e (tag)
   tagging  50ecdbfda77df70a1d93e0d133c15a837e95e0fb (commit)
  replaces  inetutils-1_9_4
 tagged by  Simon Josefsson
        on  Tue Jan 26 16:56:08 2021 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------


Alfred M. Szmidt (8):
      ftp/main.c (main): Don't assume that uninitialized argv[argv] is NULL.
      ftpd/ftpd.c (options) <max-timeout>: Mention mandatory argument.
      src/hostname.c (set_name): Handle case when hostname_new is NULL.
      src/hostname.c (parse_file): Free name and allocate one extra byte for it.
      ChangeLog: Add missing entries.
      ping/ping6.c (print_packet_too_big): Use %u when printing MTU.
      bootstrap: Update from gnulib.
      Happy GNU 2021 year!

Guillem Jover (1):
      ping: Fix typo in output

Mats Erik Andersson (73):
      ifconfig: Sporadically appearing regression.
      ifconfig: Improve the support for GNU/Hurd.
      rcp: Integer overflow with large files.
      ifconfig: More info on tunnel interfaces.
      ifconfig: Implement hardware list for BSD systems.
      ifconfig: Support changing of hardware address.
      ifconfig: Symbolic name as peer address.
      ifconfig: Hardware detection in GNU/Hurd.
      ifconfig: Apply interface flags correctly.
      ifconfig: Verbose report on changed flags.
      ifconfig: Statistics for BSD systems.
      telnetd: Premature connection closure.
      Function name collision on AIX systems.
      First documentation of ifconfig.
      syslogd: Redefine faulty macro LOG_MAKEPRI.
      tests/ Incomplete error handling.
      Update copyright years to 2016. (silent change)
      bootstrap: Updated from gnulib.
      ftp: Allow remote user in command.
      Amended changelog of last commit.
      Properly disable the generation of ping6.
      ping: Implement subprivileged echo method.
      traceroute: Subprivileged use case.
      hostname: Avoid a trailing space.
      Update copyright years to 2017. (silent change)
      telnetd: Debugging of line mode options.
      bootstrap: Updated from gnulib.
      telnetd: Scrub USER from environment.
      telnetd: Portable option debugging.
      telnetd: Portability of TTY termcap to Solaris.
      whois: Update Canadian TLD server.
      ftp: Portability to Android.
      Test utility displays some termcaps.
      telnetd: Use tty, not pty on Solaris.
      Gnulib requires autoconf 2.63, forced by libtool.
      tftpd: Restore logging while chrooted.
      Consistent use of grep tools in scripts.
      Change header inclusion for ifconfig on GNU/Linux.
      Confirm that rcmd functionality is present at all.
      Attempt to build correctly on Cygwin.
      Insufficient linking for talkd.
      Test running ftp-parser checks enhanced path.
      Minor portability glitches in Solaris and in AIX.
      Test robustly in absence of IPv6.
      Correctly detect presence of IPv6.
      Separation of test cases as IPv4 and IPv6.
      runtime-ipv6: Implicit dependency on services file.
      Examination of testing scripts.
      Portability to an old Bourne shell.
      Better test coverage, mostly IPv6.
      More work on CVE-2019-0053.
      whois: Failure of service name.
      whois: IP delegation update.
      tests: Less system logging.
      Better portability for BSD install.
      whois: AUDA services Australia.
      Buffer overflow in tftp and tftpd.
      test-snprintf: New test program.
      Code simplification for program runtime-ipv6.
      rcp: Recursive reception was broken.
      rexecd, rshd: Avoid false failure message.
      Various compiler warnings.
      Support for libidn2 in addition to libidn.
      whois: Include ERX ranges for APNIC.
      whois: Improve delegation lists for IP and AS.
      bootstrap: Update from gnulib.
      whois: Improved hiding of legal disclaimers.
      whois: Tweak command line arguments.
      Update ChangeLog, giving some more details.
      whois: Delegation list for IPv6 ranges.
      whois: Add more IPv6 delegation prefixes.
      Signature update in Gnulib module read-file.
      Autoconf 2.64 is now required by Gnulib.

Simon Josefsson (25):
      bootstrap: Updated from gnulib.
      README-alpha (Development): Remove broken links.
      telnet: Telnet -E(no escape) is treating _POSIX_VDISABLE char as escape.
      telnet: Telnet -E(no escape) is treating _POSIX_VDISABLE char as escape.
      bootstrap: Updated from gnulib. Silence 'make syntax-check'.
      Update copyright years to use intervals up to 2020.
      THANKS: Credit Mats.
      NEWS: Document user-visible changes since last release.
      bootstrap: Updated from gnulib.
      NEWS: Fix markup (silent change).
      telnet: Validate supplied environment variables. CVE-2019-0053
      bootstrap: Updated from gnulib.
      Build/doc fixes. Fix disabling when all rcmd is missing.
      README-alpha (Prerequisites): Mention xz, for dist. Warn when rcmd is missing.
      git-version-gen: Sync with git-version-gen usage instructions.
      Fix 'make check' on broken platforms without /etc/protocols.
      Fix to not call system hostname, and improve
      Only do what git-version-gen recommends regarding .version.
      Don't use deprecated gnulib module 'gettext' and replace
      Silence 'make syntax-check'.
      Sync release process with gnulib approach.

Tim Rühsen (23):
      telnet: Fix silent truncation (off-by-one check)
      rcp: Remove unused variable
      telnetd: Fix multiple definition of 'not42' (gcc 10)
      ftpd: Fix multiple definition of 'errcatch' (gcc 10)
      libls: Remove unused variable kflag
      ping: Fix memleak in ping_set_packetsize
      ping6: Fix memleak in ping_set_dest
      ping, ping6: Silence -Wimplicit-fallthrough
      whois: Silence -Wimplicit-fallthrough
      talk: Fix uninitialized variable 'nready'
      ftp: Fix 2x misuse of strncpy (read buffer overflow)
      ftp: Fix strncpy misuse (leading to buffer overflow)
      ftp/cmds.c: Fix return value of remglob
      ftp/cmds.c: Fix multipliers for M(ega) and G(iga)
      ftp/cmds.c: Silence -Wimplicit-fallthrough
      ftp/domacro.c: Silence -Wimplicit-fallthrough
      telnetd: Silence unused warning for getterminaltype
      telnetd/state.c: Silence -Wimplicit-fallthrough
      telnet: Fix -Wsign-compare in suboption
      telnet/commands.c: Use strdup instead malloc+strcpy
      uucpd: Fix 2x heap buffer overflow
      uucpd: Fix buffer overflows
      telnet: Use memove for overlapping memory instead of strncpy


GNU Inetutils 

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