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grub ./ChangeLog conf/ conf/i386-pc.r...

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: grub ./ChangeLog conf/ conf/i386-pc.r...
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 08:26:24 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/grub
Module name:    grub
Changes by:     Marco Gerards <address@hidden>  04/09/12 12:20:52

Modified files:
        .              : ChangeLog 
        conf           : i386-pc.rmk 
        include/grub/i386/pc: loader.h 
        loader/i386/pc : chainloader.c 
Added files:
        include/grub/i386/pc: chainloader.h 
        loader/i386/pc : chainloader_normal.c 

Log message:
        2004-09-12  Tomas Ebenlendr  <address@hidden>
        Added normal mode command `chainloader' as module chain.mod, which
        depends on normal.mod and _chain.mod.
        * conf/i386-pc.rmk (pkgdata_MODULES): Add `chain.mod'.
        (chain_mod_SOURCES, chain_mod_CFLAGS): Variables added.
        * include/grub/i386/pc/loader.h (grub_rescue_cmd_chainloader):
        Deleted prototype.
        * loader/i386/pc/chainloader.c (grub_rescue_cmd_chainloader): All
        but arguments parsing moved to ...
        (grub_chainloader_cmd): ... here.  New function.
        * include/grub/i386/pc/chainloader.h: New file.
        * loader/i386/pc/chainloader_normal.c: Likewise.


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