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Re: classpath/include java_nio_FileChannelImpl.h

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: classpath/include java_nio_FileChannelImpl.h
Date: 30 Jul 2003 09:46:21 -0600
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>> copied from gnu_java_nio_FileChannelImpl.h, renamed
>> Java_gnu_java_nio_channels_* -> Java_java_nio_channels* to match
>> new implementation of, added some missing
>> native functions

Michael> Why dont you just used gcjh to regenerate it ? I think the
Michael> Makefiles have targets to automate this too.

I can understand if someone doesn't have access to gcjh.  That's no
problem -- just ask somebody else to create the file.

More important is that any new generated header should also have a
new rule.  I'm adding this.


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