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[Patch #24] patch to 1.4 for java.lang.StringBuffer

From: nobody
Subject: [Patch #24] patch to 1.4 for java.lang.StringBuffer
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:42:02 -0500

Patch #24 has been updated. 

Category: None
Status: Closed
Summary: patch to 1.4 for java.lang.StringBuffer


Date: 2002-Feb-15 15:42
By: mark

Thanks. I checked in your patch with a few small modifications to account for a 
recent change in java.lang.String.

No need for copyright assignment since this change is so small and the 
documentation is based on code already in Classpath. But if you want to submit 
larger patches in the future please ask for the copyright assignment papers.

For more info, visit:

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