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[ 100428 ] Add link to classpath list on savannah

From: nobody
Subject: [ 100428 ] Add link to classpath list on savannah
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 07:15:42 -0500

Support Request #100428, was updated on 2002-Feb-13 04:15
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Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: Add link to classpath list on savannah

By: alexl
Date: 2002-Feb-13 04:15

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I can't do this, because I'm not a project admin, but
it would seem to make sense to add a link to the
classpath mailing list on savannah.  There is a way to
"attach" an  existing mailing list to a project, if it
wasn't originally created via savannah.  I've seen how
to do it for my cp-tools project.

It would be helpful for folks who stumble on classpath
via savannah, and looking for a mailing list is the
first sign of project activity, so if it can't be seen
from savannah, people might assume that it doesn't have
a mailing list (i.e. currently they would only know
that a mailing list exists if they went to the
classpath homepage).

Just a thought.

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