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Re: [cjk] Argh I see, dvips seems to be producing rubbish!

From: Hin-Tak Leung
Subject: Re: [cjk] Argh I see, dvips seems to be producing rubbish!
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2017 16:13:57 +0000 (UTC)

I think i see what the problem with my subfont 44 is. The wrongly encoded glyph 
ids are those without a mapping under cmap 3,10. cmap only maps 43000+ of the 
65535 glyphs; the the remain 22,000 unencoded glyphs get wrongly encoded as 
their glyph ids. So it trashes 1/2 my subfonts. I'll need to see what the 
missing glyphs are doing.

I used the latest fontforge from the repo and fedora's 20160404 are broken in 
the same way - so I wonder what version is  Thorsten using?

On Wed, 7/6/17, Hin-Tak Leung <address@hidden> wrote:
 Thorsten: do you still have your *.enc files
 by any chance? Or don't mind making them again? :-) . Should
 be quite small if you zip all of them up...
 Hi Werner,
 I have a better description of what is
 broken. The re-encoding seems to have got corrupted. For
 example, for subfont 44, this is what ttf2tfm gives:
  /a1sh44Encoding [
 /index0x1AD1 /index0x1AD2 /index0x1AD3
 /index0x1AD5 /index0x1AD6 /index0x1AD7
 /index0x1ADA /index0x1ADB /index0x1ADC
 /index0x1ADE /index0x1ADF /index0x1AE0
 /index0x1AE2 /index0x1AE3 /index0x1AE4
 /index0x1AE6 /index0x1AE7 /index0x1AE8
 /index0x1AEB /index0x1AEC /index0x1AED
 /index0x1AF0 /index0x1AF1 /index0x1AF2
 This is what fontforge does (it is
 really glyph id rather than uniXXXX) - whenever fontforge
 seems to be randomly uses /uni44*, it encodes the wrong
 glyph. The glyph ids should be uni1AD1, etc. So half of
 subfont 44 is wrong, in my case. 
 /a1sh44-Enc [
  /uni4400 /uni1AD2 /uni4402 /uni1AD4
  /uni4404 /uni4405 /uni1AD7 /uni4407
  /uni4408 /uni1ADB /uni1ADC /uni440B
  /uni1ADE /uni1ADF /uni440E /uni1AE1
  /uni1AE2 /uni4411 /uni4412 /uni1AE5
  /uni4414 /uni1AE7 /uni1AE8 /uni4417
  /uni4418 /uni1AEC /uni441A /uni441B
  /uni1AF0 /uni441D /uni441E /uni1AF3

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