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[cjk] my texmf-var, and test files (Re: Argh I see, dvips seems to be pr

From: Hin-Tak Leung
Subject: [cjk] my texmf-var, and test files (Re: Argh I see, dvips seems to be producing rubbish!)
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2017 22:44:27 +0000 (UTC)

I have put my texmf-var up at http://htl10.users.sf.net/texmf-var-fonts.tar.bz2 
. It is 44MB, be warned.

Attached is a sample tar ball - "sample-nose-3.tex" is the input; depending on 
which of the c70ash.fd.* you rename to c70ash.fd , it would use different 
font/setups. I have gone and make one for pdftex + dvipdfmx using microsoft's 
msyh also, just to make sure that I can use chinese via pdftex . pdftex cannot 
cope with (1) the 300MB sourcehan ttc (the loca table problem, still to 
investigate), (2) cannot subset CFF's, (3) cannot use higher font index in ttc. 
But at least I can use it with microsoft msyh . Attached are the output with 
dvipdfmx and pdftex.

I am incline to think there is a bug with the fontforge-based setup, since I 
can get both dvipdfmx and pdftex to work, except pdftex being picky about the 
font type to use . Neither of these approaches needs fontforge.

Werner: The not-working type1 fonts setup is generated with
fontforge -script cjk/utils/subfonts/subfonts.pe 
../SourceHanSerifTC_EL-M/SourceHanSerifTC-Regular.otf a1sh 
fontforge -script cjk/utils/subfonts/subfonts.pe 
../SourceHanSerifTC_SB-H/SourceHanSerifTC-Bold.otf a1shx 

my fontforge is fontforge-20160404 from fedora.

where the two fonts are extracted from

Thorsten: I'd be interested in how transplantable the set up is. If you are 
interested in playing with a dvipdmx/pdftex setup, If you extract the tar ball 
under your $TEXMFVAR ( on fedora,  it is ${HOME}/.cache/texlive/texmf-var/ ; I 
don't know what Ubuntu's or windows might be; please tell if you find out ) it 
probably should just work, after you pick one of the c70ash.fd.* and trim the 
last part out . "texmf-var/fonts/type1/" is for Werner so you can just delete 

msyh.tff and msyhbd.tff needs to be copied or linked under 
"texmf-var/fonts/truetype/", and SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc go under 
"texmf-var/fonts/opentype/" .

SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc from 


If it does not work as is, the various *.map.add are for ___appending___ to the 
system ones to get those versions in my personal texmd-var/fonts/map .

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