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[cjk] Fwd: HELP with emacs 25.1 and cjk-enc.el

From: Bo-Yin Yang
Subject: [cjk] Fwd: HELP with emacs 25.1 and cjk-enc.el
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2016 11:09:55 +0800

Dear Werner and the CJK TeX community

It seems like cjk-enc.el  is not working with the latest emacs 25.  Yet, it is not always breaking.  I am totally lost and would appreciate any help/pointers.  Note that the latex part of CJK works just fine right now, it is the cjk-enc.el and the emacs interface that does not.

I have two files both in big-5 encoding

file 1 is the following small segment of red text
太古 (Swire) 集團在香港

file 2: is attached file test2.tex

I attempted to execute cjklatex as follows (the same thing happens in an emacs window)

address@hidden:~$ more /usr/local/bin/cjklatex 
export LC_CTYPE=zh_TW.Big5
export LC_ALL=zh_TW.Big5
f=`echo $1 | sed -e 's|\(.*\)\.[^/]*$|\1|'`
echo "converting $1 to $f.cjk"
emacs -batch -l cjk-enc -f batch-force-cjk-write-file $f.tex 2> /dev/null
latex $f.cjk

The result on Ubuntu 16.10 LTS: good and normal (emacs 24.5)

The result on MacPorts emacs-app 25.1: the first file is good, the second is not
The result on Fedora 24 (emacs 25.1): the first file is good, the second file is not

On Fedora 24, I tried both cjk-enc.el of 4.7.0 and 4.8.4 and neither worked, both gives the following result.

address@hidden NSC]$ more test2.cjk
Converting: 35%Converting: 35%Converting: 35%Converting: 36%Converting: 36%Conve
rting: 36%Converting: 36%Converting: 36%Converting: 37%Converting: 37%Converting
: 37%Converting: 37%Converting: 37%Converting: 38%Converting: 38%Converting: 38%
Converting: 38%Converting: 39%Converting: 39%Converting: 39%Converting: 39%Conve
rting: 39%Converting: 40%Converting: 40%Converting: 40%Converting: 40%Converting
: 41%Converting: 41%Converting: 41%Converting: 42%Converting: 42%Converting: 42%
Converting: 42%Converting: 43%Converting: 43%Converting: 43%Converting: 43%Conve
rting: 44%Converting: 44%Converting: 44%Converting: 45%Converting: 45%Converting
: 45%Converting: 46%Converting: 46%Converting: 46%Converting: 47%Converting: 47%
Converting: 47%Converting: 48%Converting: 48%Converting: 48%Converting: 49%Conve
rting: 49%Converting: 49%Converting: 50%Converting: 50%Converting: 50%Converting
: 51%Converting: 51%Converting: 52%Converting: 52%Converting: 53%Converting: 53%
Converting: 53%Converting: 54%Converting: 54%Converting: 55%Converting: 55%Conve
rting: 56%Converting: 56%Converting: 57%Converting: 57%Converting: 58%Converting
: 58%Converting: 59%Converting: 59%Converting: 60%Converting: 60%Converting: 61%
Converting: 61%Converting: 62%Converting: 63%Converting: 63%Converting: 64%Conve
rting: 64%Converting: 65%Converting: 66%Converting: 66%Converting: 67%Converting
: 68%Converting: 68%Converting: 69%Converting: 70%Converting: 71%Converting: 71%
Converting: 72%Converting: 73%Converting: 74%Converting: 75%Converting: 75%Conve
rting: 76%Converting: 77%Converting: 78%Converting: 79%Converting: 80%Converting
: 81%Converting: 82%Converting: 83%Converting: 84%Converting: 85%Converting: 86%
Converting: 87%Converting: 89%Converting: 90%Converting: 91%Converting: 92%Conve
rting: 94%Converting: 95%Converting: 96%Converting: 98%Converting: 99%\ifx\CJKpr
eproc\undefined\def\CJKpreproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKprepr
oc\undefined\def\CJKpreproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\
undefined\def\CJKpreproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\und
efined\def\CJKpreproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefi
ned\def\CJKpreproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefined
\def\CJKpreproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefined\de
f\CJKpreproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefined\def\C
JKpreproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefined\def\CJKp
reproc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefined\def\CJKprep
roc{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefined\def\CJKpreproc
{cjk-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefined\def\CJKpreproc{cj
k-enc}\RequirePackage{MULEenc}\fi \ifx\CJKpreproc\undefined\def\CJKpreproc{cjk-e

Bo-Yin Yang

(PS side remark: I just realized that I have been working with CJK since 1996, so literally for about 20 years ... in fact been using it continuously to typeset my official documents since early red hat linux, a big thank you to you all for your contributions...)

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