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[cjk] Cannot convert JIS.tex unsing pdflatex on MikTeX - Windows 7

From: Bressanelli, Dominique
Subject: [cjk] Cannot convert JIS.tex unsing pdflatex on MikTeX - Windows 7
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 07:25:49 +0000

Hi folks


I am unable to process example file JIS.tex using pdflatex and MikTex 2.8 for Windows 7.


I have installed CJK and CJKfonts packages (latest version). I also manually installed fonts from mincho-1-8-20080306.


Frustratingly this used to work very well for me with a PC installed around 2009. I do not see a wadalab directory under cjk directory on new PC whereas there was one on old PC. I am stuck, tried to browse the web but could not locate any useful information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is the error I get:


This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.3-1.40.12 (MiKTeX 2.9)

entering extended mode


LaTeX2e <2011/06/27>

Babel <v3.8m> and hyphenation patterns for english, afrikaans, ancientgreek, ar

abic, armenian, assamese, basque, bengali, bokmal, bulgarian, catalan, coptic,

croatian, czech, danish, dutch, esperanto, estonian, farsi, finnish, french, ga

lician, german, german-x-2009-06-19, greek, gujarati, hindi, hungarian, iceland

ic, indonesian, interlingua, irish, italian, kannada, kurmanji, lao, latin, lat

vian, lithuanian, malayalam, marathi, mongolian, mongolianlmc, monogreek, ngerm

an, ngerman-x-2009-06-19, nynorsk, oriya, panjabi, pinyin, polish, portuguese,

romanian, russian, sanskrit, serbian, slovak, slovenian, spanish, swedish, swis

sgerman, tamil, telugu, turkish, turkmen, ukenglish, ukrainian, uppersorbian, u

senglishmax, welsh, loaded.

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\base\article.cls"

Document Class: article 2007/10/19 v1.4h Standard LaTeX document class

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\base\size12.clo"))

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\CJK.sty"

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\mule\MULEenc.sty")

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\CJK.enc"))

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\ruby.sty")


("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\standard.bdg")

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\standard.enc")

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\standard.chr")

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\JIS\JISdnp.enc")


LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `C42/min/m/n' undefined

(Font)              using `C42/song/m/n' instead on input line 21.


("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\cjk\JIS\c42song.fd")Running miktex-makemf.exe...

miktex-makemf: The dmjhira source file could not be found.

Running hbf2gf.exe...


hbf2gf (CJK ver. 4.8.0)


Couldn't find `dmjhira.cfg'

miktex-maketfm: No creation rule for font dmjhira12.


! Font C42/song/m/n/12/hira=dmjhira12 not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found


<to be read again>


l.21 \noindent ¤³



! Emergency stop.

<to be read again>


l.21 \noindent ¤³


!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

Transcript written on JIS.log.


Note: utf8 is broken as well, "No creation rule for font uwmjc7".


Something appears to be broken in the CJK font distribution for MikTeX. Again this used to work like a charm a few years ago, I have not changed the Japanese sections of my tex input files.


Thank you very much for your help


Best regards


D. Bressanelli



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