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RE: [cinvoke-dev] Kite support for C/Invoke and other things

From: Will Weisser
Subject: RE: [cinvoke-dev] Kite support for C/Invoke and other things
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 07:52:51 -0700

Awesome! I hope it works well for you.

I restarted the svn daemon on that shell machine, so it's up now.  There
are a few minor changes in the svn code, but they are in the Lua and
Java bindings, not the main library, so they won't affect you.  It's
probably good you have your own svn copy since my svn server is so

If I have time tonight I'll examine/integrate your patch and update the
web site with a link to your project.



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Subject: [cinvoke-dev] Kite support for C/Invoke and other things

Hello everyone,

First thing's first: I've added C/Invoke bindings to Kite, the
programming language I'm working on. The bindings consist of Kite
classes written in C that export a similar API to the one C/Invoke
exports, along with a wrapper to make it easier to use. Here is the
code that's currently in SVN and will be part of the 1.0b4 release:

(I also have a copy of C/Invoke itself in my SVN with the below patch
applied and some extra stuff to facilitate autoconf/automake
integration with the rest of the Kite build).

And a usage example:

import "interface.language.c";

libr = make interface.language.c("");

Also, as part of Kite's efforts to run on Windows, I've added a
gcc_x86_win architecture to facilitate compilation on MingW and Cygwin
(only tested for compilation on MingW so far). It should run normally,
since gcc_x86_win is simply cl_x86_win but with the assembly code
converted to AT&T syntax for gcc. Here is a patch against 1.0 to
support this:

Finally, I was trying to access the C/Invoke SVN repository, and it
seems to be down:

harry:Desktop mooneer$ svn co svn://
svn: Can't connect to host '': Connection refused
harry:Desktop mooneer$



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