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[cinvoke-dev] Kite support for C/Invoke and other things

From: Mooneer Salem
Subject: [cinvoke-dev] Kite support for C/Invoke and other things
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 01:11:22 -0700

Hello everyone,

First thing's first: I've added C/Invoke bindings to Kite, the
programming language I'm working on. The bindings consist of Kite
classes written in C that export a similar API to the one C/Invoke
exports, along with a wrapper to make it easier to use. Here is the
code that's currently in SVN and will be part of the 1.0b4 release:

(I also have a copy of C/Invoke itself in my SVN with the below patch
applied and some extra stuff to facilitate autoconf/automake
integration with the rest of the Kite build).

And a usage example:

import "interface.language.c";

libr = make interface.language.c("");

Also, as part of Kite's efforts to run on Windows, I've added a
gcc_x86_win architecture to facilitate compilation on MingW and Cygwin
(only tested for compilation on MingW so far). It should run normally,
since gcc_x86_win is simply cl_x86_win but with the assembly code
converted to AT&T syntax for gcc. Here is a patch against 1.0 to
support this:

Finally, I was trying to access the C/Invoke SVN repository, and it
seems to be down:

harry:Desktop mooneer$ svn co svn://
svn: Can't connect to host '': Connection refused
harry:Desktop mooneer$



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