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Re: Threading, mailboxes, and exceptions

From: jared jennings
Subject: Re: Threading, mailboxes, and exceptions
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2023 19:41:01 -0500
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On Sat, Mar 4, 2023, at 17:05, wrote:
>> Where does one learn about Scheme conditions and why they are what they are 
>> and not something different?

> Hi!

First, thanks for your reply! I have to say I chose Chicken because I couldn't 
figure out how to get cyanostracon into a single file with Python under the 
constraints I'd set myself, and Chicken said on the tin that it could make a 
single, statically linked executable.

I immediately set out to reimplement Curio, a sort of async green threads kind 
of thing for Python, in Chicken. First I felt accomplished to have done 
something meaningful with call/cc. But then I learned that Chicken *already is* 
the "sort of async green threads kind of thing" I was trying to make. :D

> Pure Scheme has no exception system, so the only sources are
> implementation specific features or SRFIs

Of course. I went and read ... SRFI-12, was it, upon which Chicken's exceptions 
are based? All those SRFI numbers were boggling at first :) I wrote a whole 
paragraph here about how I wanted to understand more about *why* not *what* 
SRFI-12 is, and then remembered there were a bunch of links I had skipped to 
get to the text of the SRFI. Behold! it is documented.
> I would refrain from using exceptions for controlling the flow of
> computations.

Oh yes, I just want all the threads to die properly if something goes wrong.

> Have you looked at ?

I haven't ever used Go so it didn't seem more comfortable than mailbox. I'll 
take another look.

Thanks again!

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