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Re: Personal library

From: Chris Brannon
Subject: Re: Personal library
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 14:45:41 -0800
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Robert Heffernan <> writes:

> What would the equivalent setup for chicken be?  I have had a scan
> through the manual, but nothing is standing out to me.  I am hoping it
> is less complicated than writing my own personal eggs (but maybe not
> and maybe this is not so complicated?)

It isn't that complicated.  I have a local egg called cmblib.
More accurately, I have two: a private one, and one that I've
published.  My personal stuff goes in the cmblib egg.  You can see some
of the public bits of cmblib at:

Here's the .egg file:

((synopsis "Random modules and programs")
 (author "Chris Brannon")
 (category misc)
 (dependencies brev srfi-13 srfi-128)
 (license "unlicense")
  (extension cmb.definers)
  (extension cmb.fs (component-dependencies cmb.definers))
(extension cmb.parsers)

Adding a new module (cmb foo) is as easy as:
* Add (extension to the .egg,
* Write,
* cd /path/to/cmblib && chicken-install -s

Hope this helps,
-- Chris

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