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Re: Guidance requested for debugging import problem.

From: felix . winkelmann
Subject: Re: Guidance requested for debugging import problem.
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 21:16:42 +0100

> Hi Felix,
> I did not know about csm (or perhaps forgot it's existence?). Anyhow it
> seems like a potentially much better solution than a
> hand-maintained Makefile. I've tried it on a couple code bases and I'm
> running into a few issues, some are just cruft in the code but two cases
> I'm running into invalid sharp syntax errors:
> ===========
> csm -program logpro -ignore tests/run.scm
> while reading file /home/mrwellan/data/logpro/logprocessor.scm:
> Error: invalid sharp-sign read syntax: #\/
> ===========
> For logpro I wanted to expose the #/ ... / syntax to users. Since
> regex-literals is not ported in chicken 5 I just injected the code into
> logpro for now but it seems that csm doesn't understand the situation.


The problem here is that read-syntax extensions are not seen by csm, which
tries to load and parse all source files. This was a blatant oversight on my 
I just committed a few changes to the csm trunk that adds a "-csm-extend 
option. You should be able to pass this directly to csm or via an options file -
it works like csc's "-extend" and loads a file (source or compiled) into the
processor so read-syntax extensions in the loaded file are installed.

Could you give it a try? I have not tagged a new release yet, you can check it
out via svn:
svn co

I'd be very grateful for feedback. I think csm is quite useful, but it hasn't 
tested enough yet and it needs serious usage to clarify whether the approach is
worth it and robust enough.


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