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Re: New egg: nng

From: Arnaud Bailly
Subject: Re: New egg: nng
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2021 17:56:20 +0000

Thanks a lot! 
I have started using zmq (from Haskell) to implement some networking for a protocol and I was quite pleased with experience so far. Did not implement any form of authent or security though, as we don't really plan to use zmq as is in production. I was wondering whether or not it would make to port what I have to nng given it seems to have more traction nowadays. 
Having TLS support is indeed interesting.

Arnaud Bailly - @dr_c0d3

On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 5:28 PM Ariela Wenner <> wrote:
Honestly, for my usecase, they are about the same.

My main work with nng/zmq is implementing the actor model (I have two implementations, one for CHICKEN with nng, and a port for Common Lisp with zmq), so rep/req (and inproc pair for some sync when spawning an actor), nothing terribly complex.

The main benefit and the reason that I personally like zmq more, is CurveZMQ, which saves me having to implement encryption with tweetnacl, for example. Sure, I have the tls transport with nng but that's a bit of a main imo.

El 1 de noviembre de 2021 4:09:06 a. m. GMT-03:00, Arnaud Bailly <> escribió:
><Slightly off-topic>
>I am currently using 0MQ (not in chicken though) and have been looking at
>nng for a while, but unsure how mature it is.
>What's your feedback using it? What are you using it for?
>Just curious :)

Ariela Wenner

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