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Re: [Chicken-announce] [ANN] CHICKEN 5.3.0 release candidate available

From: Christian Himpe
Subject: Re: [Chicken-announce] [ANN] CHICKEN 5.3.0 release candidate available
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 09:22:10 +0200 (CEST)


all seems to work, yet installing "sendfile", "http-session", "srfi-18" gave:

Warning: Deprecated identifier `current-milliseconds'


Operating system: Ubuntu Mate 20.04
Hardware platform: x86-64
C Compiler: gcc 10.3.0
Installation works?: yes
Tests work?: yes
Installation of eggs works?: yes



----- On Aug 12, 2021, at 12:28 PM, Peter Bex wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> We are happy to announce the first release candidate of the upcoming
> CHICKEN 5.3.0.
> CHICKEN 5.3.0rc1 is now available at this location:
> The SHA256 sum of that tarball is
> 61d59cb4f3ca226995d7dca3510c7a646c2cf1e28ebc771bf6c5177e28d14c81
> This is bugfix release which takes care of several important issues.
> Irregex has been updated to the latest upstream (0.9.10), which fixes
> a few issues with bol handling and irregex-replace/all with positive
> lookbehind replaces all matches rather than just the first.
> A few bugs in the module system's handling of reexport have been fixed,
> as well as a few bugs in the optimization of using argvector directly
> in rest arguments, and a nasty issue where mutated parameters would be
> reset if the mutation happened in a signal handler.
> A nice improvement is that to build CHICKEN, on most platforms you no
> longer need to provide the PLATFORM variable to Make; we auto-detect
> the platform you're building on.  Of course, for cross-compilation
> you'll still have to set it.
> Finally, we tweaked the garbage collector to avoid thrashing when the
> heap was almost full.  This should drastically improve performance for
> certain usage patterns that trigger this pathological behaviour.
> The complete list of changes since version 5.2.0 is available here:
> Please give it a test and report your findings to the mailing list.
> Here's a suggested test procedure:
>  $ make PREFIX=<some dir> install check
>  $ <some dir>/bin/chicken-install pastiche
> If you want to build CHICKEN with a compiler other than the default one,
> just use C_COMPILER=<the compiler> (e.g., C_COMPILER=clang) on the make
> invocation.
> Of course, feel free to explore other supported build options (see the
> README file for more information) and actually use CHICKEN 5.3.0rc1 for
> your software.
> If you can, please let us know the following information about the
> environment you tested the RC tarball on:
> Operating system: (e.g., FreeBSD 12.0, Debian 9, Windows 10 mingw-msys under
> mingw32)
> Hardware platform: (e.g., x86, x86-64, PPC)
> C Compiler: (e.g., GCC 6.4.0, clang 5.0.0)
> Installation works?: yes or no
> Tests work?: yes or no
> Installation of eggs works?: yes or no
> Thanks in advance!
> The CHICKEN Team

Dr. rer. nat. Christian Himpe
Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
Sandtorstr. 1
39106 Magdeburg

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