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Chicken git egg: bug & patch

From: Kristian Lein-Mathisen
Subject: Chicken git egg: bug & patch
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2021 15:36:09 +0200


I think I may have come across a bug in the git egg. 

klm@pisa ~/.c/chicken-install> chicken-status  | grep git
git ......................................................... version: 0.1.0
klm@pisa ~/.c/chicken-install> csi -R git -P '(define r (create-repository "/tmp/repo")) (create-blob r #${abba})'

Error: bad argument count - received 2 but expected 3: #<procedure>

I have managed to put together this patch which seems to fix the problem:

klm@pisa ~/.c/c/git (master)> git diff
diff --git a/git.scm b/git.scm
index b33cd45..c8762d1 100644
--- a/git.scm
+++ b/git.scm
@@ -785,7 +785,7 @@
       (cond ((chicken-blob? source)
-             (git-blob-create-frombuffer repo* source))
+             (git-blob-create-frombuffer repo* source (number-of-bytes source)))
             ((string? source)
              (if (regular-file? source)
                  (git-blob-create-fromdisk repo* source)
diff --git a/libgit2.scm b/libgit2.scm
index a1e095c..0c724dd 100644
--- a/libgit2.scm
+++ b/libgit2.scm
@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@
 (define blob-lookup-prefix      (foreign-lambda/allocate blob* git_blob_lookup_prefix repository oid unsigned-int))
 (define blob-create-fromdisk    (foreign-lambda/allocate oid git_blob_create_fromdisk repository nonnull-c-string))
 (define blob-create-fromworkdir (foreign-lambda/allocate oid git_blob_create_fromworkdir repository nonnull-c-string))
-(define blob-create-frombuffer  (foreign-lambda/allocate oid git_blob_create_frombuffer repository nonnull-c-string unsigned-int))
+(define blob-create-frombuffer  (foreign-lambda/allocate oid git_blob_create_frombuffer repository nonnull-scheme-pointer unsigned-int))
 (define blob-id                 (foreign-lambda/copy oid git_blob_id blob*))
 (define blob-free               (foreign-lambda void git_blob_free blob*))
 (define blob-rawcontent         (foreign-lambda c-pointer git_blob_rawcontent blob*))
@@ -303,9 +303,9 @@
 (define blob-is-binary          (foreign-lambda bool git_blob_is_binary blob*))
 (define blob*-lookup             blob-lookup)
-(define blob*-create-frombuffer  blob-create-fromdisk)
-(define blob*-create-fromdisk    blob-create-fromworkdir)
-(define blob*-create-fromworkdir blob-create-frombuffer)
+(define blob*-create-frombuffer  blob-create-frombuffer)
+(define blob*-create-fromdisk    blob-create-fromdisk)
+(define blob*-create-fromworkdir blob-create-fromworkdir)
 (define blob*-free               blob-free)
 (define blob*-id                 blob-id)
 (define blob*-is-binary          blob-is-binary)

The fix has 3 parts:

- adding the missing number-of-bytes to blob-create-frombuffer
- changes blob-create-frombuffer signature to accept nonnull-scheme-pointer instead of nonnull-c-string so that we don't have to blob->string
- rearranges mismatched fromworkdir, frombuffer and fromdisk (although I don't know if that's necessary to fix the problem above)

I don't know if this is sufficient to qualify for a commit upstream, but now my code snippet works:

klm@pisa /t/repo (master)> csi -R git -P '(define r (create-repository "/tmp/repo")) (create-blob r #${abba})'
#<blob "79efd60">
klm@pisa /t/repo (master)> git cat-file blob 79efd60 | xxd
00000000: abba                                     ..

I'm hoping this can be looked into.

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