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Bad request error when using uri-common

From: Brian Hughes
Subject: Bad request error when using uri-common
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2020 16:16:55 +0000

Hi everyone,

I recently got started using http-request and uri-common to access the
facebook API. Everything generally works, but I encountered some
unexpected behavior when using uri-common's make-uri that I'd like some
help with.  I'd rather be using make-uri than building strings in my

This first fragment throws an error:

(form-urlencoded-separator "&")
(define foo (make-uri scheme: 'https
                      host: ""
                      path: `(,my-facebook-id)
                      query: `[(fields . "name")
                               (access_token . ,(get-app-access-

(display (with-input-from-request foo #f read-json))

$ csi -s fb.scm 

Error: (call-with-input-request) Client error: 400 Bad Request: "

(stack trace omitted)

Is the missing / just in the error message, or would that be what is
sent out on the network?  I'd expect the DNS lookup to fail if this was
the actual problem but that's not the error I'm getting.

If I paste the URL in the error string (and add / after .com) and pass
it to with-input-from-request, it works fine:

(define foo-string "<redacted
,matches above>")

(display (with-input-from-request foo-string #f read-json))

$ csi -s fb.scm 
((name . Brian Hughes) (id . 100055065685451))

How can I get the make-uri version to work?

Thanks in advance.

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