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Re: New Egg: SRFI-151

From: Sören Tempel
Subject: Re: New Egg: SRFI-151
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2020 18:58:35 +0200
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Mario Domenech Goulart <> wrote:
> Hi Sören,

Hello Mario,

> My only remark would be regarding the license, which AFAIK should be
> MIT.  John Cowan would be able to clarify that.

I went through the license comments in these files and bitwise-60.scm
and bitwise-core.scm have a license which is identified in the CHICKEN
wiki as „Free Use” (I have actually never seen this license before):

The other *.scm files with the exception of (chicken-test.scm and
srfi-151.scm) have a public domain license header. For this reason, I
used "Public Domain/Free Use" as the license string, as recommended by
the eggs-licensing wiki page.

The files chicken-test.scm and srfi-151.scm have no license header.
However, according to Arthur Gleckler they are in fact licensed under
the MIT license [1]. I would have added a corresponding license header
(as suggested by Arthur) but I am unsure who the copyright holders for
these files are.

> Some files in the repository are not really important for the egg (e.g.,
> .html files, Scheme files which are not included by the CHICKEN
> implementation). They would be part of the egg, but not really used.
> Not a big deal, IMO, but since your repo is a fork to make the code
> CHICKEN-specific, maybe it would be worth removing the unnecessary
> files.

That's also something I noticed. Should I just remove these files from
the repository or would it be preferable to create a meta-file which
ensures that only the scheme files are included in the egg [2]?

> Fun fact: I had packaged SRF-151 for CHICKEN 5 a couple of hours before
> I saw your pull request in GitHub (talk about coincidence).  I just
> didn't make the egg available because I hadn't ported the documentation
> to the wiki format.  I hope providing documentation in wiki format in
> your plans.  If so, and if you want a wiki account, please send me the
> username you intend to use and the hash of your password (it can be
> generated with "openssl passwd -apr1").  Having the documentation in the
> wiki is nice, as symbols exported by the egg are indexed by

I didn't know that there was a specific documentation format for the
wiki. Where can I find more information about it? However, I actually
just need this egg for a small scheme project of mine. Since my spare
time is rather limited these days I cannot promise that I get around to
adding documentation in the wiki format. So far, I relied on the
documentation provided by the SRFI. I can also include the SRFI code
directly in the repository of my other project if that's a blocker for
you. I just thought this SRFI might be useful for other CHICKEN users as

Thanks for your feedback so far!



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