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Re: New Egg: SRFI-151

From: Mario Domenech Goulart
Subject: Re: New Egg: SRFI-151
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2020 14:40:05 +0200

Hi Sören,

On Sat, 08 Aug 2020 11:43:59 +0200 Sören Tempel <> 

> I created an egg for SRFI-151. This is my first egg, I tried to
> carefully follow the instruction on the wiki regarding the creation and
> publishing process. According to the wiki page on publishing eggs [1],
> the egg has to be added to the egg-locations file in subversion. I was
> hoping my egg could be added to this file. It can be found at:
> The .release-info file is:
> Cloning the repo and simply running `chicken-install -test` seems to
> work. As I said, this is my first egg so in case I missed anything
> please let me know.
> I am not subscribed to the list, please CC me.
> [1]:

Thanks for your contribution!  Looks very good.

My only remark would be regarding the license, which AFAIK should be
MIT.  John Cowan would be able to clarify that.

Some files in the repository are not really important for the egg (e.g.,
.html files, Scheme files which are not included by the CHICKEN
implementation). They would be part of the egg, but not really used.
Not a big deal, IMO, but since your repo is a fork to make the code
CHICKEN-specific, maybe it would be worth removing the unnecessary

Fun fact: I had packaged SRF-151 for CHICKEN 5 a couple of hours before
I saw your pull request in GitHub (talk about coincidence).  I just
didn't make the egg available because I hadn't ported the documentation
to the wiki format.  I hope providing documentation in wiki format in
your plans.  If so, and if you want a wiki account, please send me the
username you intend to use and the hash of your password (it can be
generated with "openssl passwd -apr1").  Having the documentation in the
wiki is nice, as symbols exported by the egg are indexed by

I'll wait for the clarification on the license before we add your egg to
the official repo.

Thanks again!

All the best.

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