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Trouble with iup egg on chicken 5

From: Jeff Moon
Subject: Trouble with iup egg on chicken 5
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2020 13:40:42 -0700

I've been trying to get the iup egg installed and working on chicken 5.  I've tried it on several platforms, and have been encountering some struggles.  My latest attempt was to try and get it running on Ubuntu 18.04, which seems like it is one of the better supported platforms for IUP.  I am using CD version 5.12, IM version 3.13, and IUP version 3.28.  I got the "Linux415_64" versions of the binary libs.  Then, I did:
CSC_OPTIONS="-I/home/jmoon/iup/include -L/home/jmoon/iup" chicken-install iup
It looked like it installed cleanly with no warnings or errors.
Then I launch into csi.  First, I did: 
(require-library iup)
This goes through cleanly.  Then, my understanding from reading the docs is that I would then need to do:
(import iup-base)
But when I do this, it tells me it cannot import from undefined module: iup-base
I do see that iup-base#show exists as a procedure and is defined, but it doesn't seem to be fully imported.
To see if things were somewhat working, I did:
(iup-base#show (iup-base#dialog (iup-controls#button "Foo")))
This gave us a button that popped up, so the libraries are working, but something is missing from the egg import.
Any help appreciated.  

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