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Re: Compilation Issues of IUP Egg in Chicken 5

From: Thomas Chust
Subject: Re: Compilation Issues of IUP Egg in Chicken 5
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2020 01:31:50 +0100

On Thu, 16 Jan 2020 16:09:15 -0700 Jeff Moon <address@hidden> wrote:

> Found an issue while trying to install the IUP egg on chicken 5.  The "-D
> disable-iup-web" or "-feature disable-iup-web" does not seem to be
> disabling the web portion of the module.  When it get's installed, since we
> don't have the webkit modules available, it ends up bombing:
> [...]

Hello Jeff,

I'm pretty sure that defining disable-iup-web should disable the compilation of 
the iupweb bindings, but it didn't disable linking all the IUP libraries – the 
addition of cond-expand clauses to .egg files was originally not possible, so 
for a non-standard set of modules you had to edit the .egg file by hand.

Since it is now possible to include the necessary conditionals in the egg file 
I have added them in version 1.9.4. Hopefully this will fix your problem :-)


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