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Re: [ANN] CHICKEN 5.2.0 release candidate available

From: Sven Hartrumpf
Subject: Re: [ANN] CHICKEN 5.2.0 release candidate available
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 08:32:05 +0100 (CET)


The RC1 generates uncompilable C code for my Scheme code.
This code worked for all previous Chicken versions (tested
today: 5.1.0).
If I use csc -O3 (-O2 is ok), I get 19 gcc errors, e.g.

nallch.c:1395027: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be

If I increase the optimization level to csc -O5, the error changes
because this function call is inlined in the argument position of another
function call, e g.

'gcc-8' 'nallch.c' -o 'nallch.o' -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv 
nallch.c: In function f_574889
nallch.c:924744: error: invalid use of void expression

As other C problems in past weeks, it is related to the
optimization of rest args. I like this optimization, but it seems to be more
and more tricky ...

Does anyone have a simple test case for such errors with rest args
when compiling with -O3 or higher?


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