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Re: [ANN] CHICKEN 5.2.0 release candidate available

From: Vasilij Schneidermann
Subject: Re: [ANN] CHICKEN 5.2.0 release candidate available
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 18:36:53 +0100


Operating system: Windows 10 mingw-msys under mingw32
Hardware platform: x86
C Compiler: GCC-8.2.0-5
Installation works?: yes
Tests work?: no
Installation of eggs works?: yes

I've tried the `chicken-install pastiche` check, it fails as expected on 

`make check` log:

    C:\Users\schnev\Downloads\chicken-5.2.0rc1>make PLATFORM=mingw-msys 
PREFIX=C:/chicken/ check
    cd tests; sh
    ======================================== repository search path ...
    (PASS) (repository-path) contains something by default
      1 tests completed in 0.029 seconds
      1 (100.00%) tests passed
      0 (0.00%) tests failed
"sample-module.scm" -output-file "sample-module.c" -dynamic -feature 
chicken-compile-shared -verbose -include-path 
C:/Users/schnev/Downloads/chicken-5.2.0rc1/tests/.. -consult-types-file 
../types.db -ignore-repository -emit-import-library sample-module"
    generating import library `sample-module.import.scm' for module 
`sample-module' ...
    ""gcc" "sample-module.c" -o "sample-module.obj" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing 
    rm sample-module.c
    ""gcc" "sample-module.obj" -o "" -Wl,--enable-auto-import 
-shared -LC:/Users/schnev/Downloads/chicken-5.2.0rc1/tests/.. 
-LC:/Users/schnev/Downloads/chicken-5.2.0rc1/tests/.. -lchicken -lm -lws2_32"
    rm sample-module.obj
    (PASS) find-file on #f
    (PASS) find-file on string
    (PASS) find-file on list
    (FAIL) (repository-path) is populated by CHICKEN_REPOSITORY_PATH: expected 
"C:/Users/schnev/Downloads/chicken-5.2.0rc1/tests/test-repository") but got 
    (PASS) setting (repository-path) and loading a library
    (PASS) Putting garbage in (repository-path)
      6 tests completed in 0.051 seconds
      5 (83.33%) tests passed
      1 (16.66%) tests failed
    make: *** [check] Error 1


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