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bindings and procedural-macros rewritten

From: Juergen Lorenz
Subject: bindings and procedural-macros rewritten
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2020 14:43:11 +0100
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in the last week I've rewritten my two eggs bindings and
procedural-macros, as well as my tutorial on explicit-renaming macros.

Bindings is a light weight alternative to the matchable egg, whose
macros can destructure deeply nested pseudolists and arbitrary sequence
types, which the user can simply add on demand, in particular vectors
and strings. This extension mechanism is greatly simplified compared to
former versions of the egg.

The two macros bind (like destructuring-bind in Lisp) and bind-case
(like match in the matchable egg) are used in the procedural-macros egg to
do the destructuring of the macro-code transparently behind the scene.
Renaming is simplified as well. So you'll find in particular a hygienic
version of good old define-macro, as well as macro-rules, a procedural
variant of syntax-rules.

I hope, you'll enjoy the use of these eggs.



Dr. Juergen Lorenz
Gruener Weg 27
29471 Gartow

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