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Re: [Chicken-users] The (chicken time) time macro gets in my way

From: Kristian Lein-Mathisen
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] The (chicken time) time macro gets in my way
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 00:49:09 +0200

Hi Mathieu,

I tried (import (except chicken.time time)) and friends (exclude, rename) without success. I also tried import-syntax. I don't know why it's not possible to hide this default import from the current namespace.

However, by wrapping the file in a main module (using csc -m main time-test.scm), which clearly has different default imports, I'm able to get rid of the warning. I don't know if that's acceptable for you.


On Sun, May 12, 2019, 11:33 PM Mario Domenech Goulart <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Mathieu,

On Sun, 12 May 2019 20:52:47 +0000 Mathieu <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hello Schemers,
> When I compile the following code :
> (define-record time hour minute)
> And compile in version 5 like so :
> csc5 source.scm
> I get the following warning :
> assigment to syntax `time'
> A clean build would make be happy.
> I think the clash is caused by the time
> macro from the (chicken time) module.
> Any idea how to suppress said warning ?
> I would rather not disable warnings
> for the whole unit.

Do you actually import chicken.time in your code?  If you don't, you
should not get that warning.

Can you provide a complete minimal test case that can be used to
reproduce the problem?

All the best.

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