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[Chicken-users] chicken / AWS Lambda proof of concept

From: James Cooper
Subject: [Chicken-users] chicken / AWS Lambda proof of concept
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2017 16:01:33 -0700


I'm new to Chicken Scheme so to focus my learning I decided to see if I
could get a chicken program deployed to AWS Lambda.  The results are

The crux of this is the script. It uses
"chicken-install -deploy" to build all required extensions into a single
dir that apex zips up and sends to AWS.

One limitation is lack of cross-compilation support, so this will only
work from a Linux machine.  Not sure how easy/hard cross-compilation
would be to add (are there flags for specifying arch?).  Alternately I
could stick this in a docker image so that builds are done in a
container which would make it a bit friendlier for users on Mac/Windows.

Thanks to sjamaan on #chicken for tips and feedback.

my best,

-- James

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