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[Chicken-users] CHICKEN Meetup updates

From: Christian Kellermann
Subject: [Chicken-users] CHICKEN Meetup updates
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 21:33:33 +0200
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Hi Chickens!

Just a small update mail on the upcomming meeting in Nuremberg:

* The venue will be open on Friday 9 o'clock instead of two in the
  afternoon. Early birds will have the opportunity to experience the
  scrambling setup at the venue and have a nice hacking session.

* The early birds will meet on Thursday evening at the "Tasty Leaf" at 7 o'clock

* On Friday we plan to go to "Palais Schaumburg",
  which happens to be just around the corner from the venue

* On Saturday I hope to get a table at the "Orient Express", also just
  around the corner. And some other place afterwards, we will leave
  anote for anyone missing at the venue (and wiki).

For sunday we will make up something as we go.

I will be reachable via mobile or jabber: address@hidden

Have a safe trip!


May you be peaceful, may you live in safety, may you be free from
suffering, and may you live with ease.

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