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[Chicken-users] bindings and procedural-macros rewritten and reorganized

From: Juergen Lorenz
Subject: [Chicken-users] bindings and procedural-macros rewritten and reorganized
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2016 19:14:55 +0200
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Hi all,

I've just uploaded new versions of my two eggs bindings and
procedural-macros. Both are completely rewritten and reorganized.

-- the sequence routines are outsourced from bindings to an extra egg,
   basic sequences.

-- the fundamental bind macro no longer uses Graham's code. It's now
   much easier to follow.

-- the derived macro bind-case, a rival to match from the matchable egg,
   is now used to make the code of macro-rules easy.

If you havn't done it before, you should at least try macro-rules and
define-macro. The former is as easy to use as syntax-rules, but much
more powerfull, the latter is a hygienic version of your old friend from

Have fun!


Dr. Juergen Lorenz
Flensburger Str. 12
D-10557 Berlin

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