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[Chicken-users] Is there a replacement for expand-home-path in 4.11rc2?

From: Matt Welland
Subject: [Chicken-users] Is there a replacement for expand-home-path in 4.11rc2?
Date: Sat, 14 May 2016 14:28:39 -0700

I used resolve-pathname from posix-extras and expand-home-path is no longer available. Is this intended to be fixed? If it is not to be fixed what is the suggested way to expand a path, use readlink -f?

Warning (#<thread: runs:run-tests-queue>): in thread: unbound variable: ##sys#expand-home-path

    Call history:

    db.scm:113: ##sys#call-with-values     
    db.scm:2632: conc     
    db.scm:2627: sqlite3#for-each-row     
    db.scm:119: db:done-with     
    db.scm:95: sqlite3#database?     
    db.scm:97: mutex-lock!     
    db.scm:100: current-milliseconds     
    db.scm:102: mutex-unlock!     
    db.scm:113: k750     
    db.scm:113: g754     
    api.scm:107: k10     
    api.scm:107: g14     
    rmt.scm:240: current-milliseconds     
    launch.scm:947: hash-table-set!     
    launch.scm:950: file-exists?     
    launch.scm:951: posix-extras#resolve-pathname         

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