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[Chicken-users] Bug: define-foreign-type causes confusing messages to be

From: John Croisant
Subject: [Chicken-users] Bug: define-foreign-type causes confusing messages to be printed
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2015 00:31:12 -0600
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I have observed some strange compiler behavior while developing the sdl2 egg, and now I have finally gotten an idea of what is causing it.

If you use define-foreign-type and provide argconvert and retconvert procedures, but never use that foreign type in a function binding as a return type or argument type, the compiler will print out messages such as "Note: global variable `foo#g11' is only locally visible and never used".

One or two messages like that are printed for every unused foreign type, depending on whether it is used as a return type, an argument type, or neither. For an egg like sdl2, which has many foreign types, this causes over a dozen messages to be printed when the egg is compiled. This is not a big problem, but it is a bit annoying and confusing. It can cause the developer or users to wonder if something is wrong, and how to fix it. It is especially perplexing because these seem to be gensyms, which are never found in the original source code, so you can't search to find where in your code they might be coming from.

Example: Create file foo.scm containing this code:

(module foo ()
  (import scheme chicken foreign)
  (define (unwrap x) x)
  (define (wrap x) x)
  (define-foreign-type my-type c-pointer unwrap wrap)

Compile with: csc -v foo.scm

Compilation succeeds, but the following messages are printed:

Note: global variable `foo#g11' is only locally visible and never used

Note: global variable `foo#g10' is only locally visible and never used

I would like it if the compiler did not print these messages. Perhaps the compiler could automatically (declare (unused g10 g11)) or something. Alternatively, the compiler could print a more informative message, such as "foreign type `my-type' is never used", so that it is more obvious what is causing the messages. But personally, I would rather just silence the messages, and that is probably easier to implement anyway.

I have reproduced this issue with CHICKEN and 4.10.0. I have not tried other versions yet. I am using Mac OS X 10.10.5. `chicken -version` says:

Version 4.10.0 (rev b259631)
macosx-unix-clang-x86-64 [ 64bit manyargs dload ptables ]
compiled 2015-08-04 on (Linux)

Some observations:

These messages are only printed if you provide an argconvert or retconvert procedure to define-foreign-type. They are not printed if you pass only the first two arguments, e.g. (define-foreign-type my-type c-pointer)

These messages are not printed if you actually use the foreign type as both a return type and an argument type of foreign lambdas. If you use the foreign type only as a return type, or only as an argument type, the compiler will print only one message.

Looking at CHICKEN's compiler.scm around line 1055, I see this in the code related to define-foreign-type:

(let ([arg (gensym)]
      [ret (gensym)] )
  (##sys#hash-table-set! foreign-type-table name (vector type arg ret))
  (mark-variable arg '##compiler#always-bound)
  (mark-variable ret '##compiler#always-bound)
  (hide-variable arg)
  (hide-variable ret)
This seems like the compiler is already trying to declare the gensyms as unused/hidden/whatever. So, I'm not sure why the messages are still being printed. Maybe those declarations are not sufficient, or maybe the cause is elsewhere.

I hope this information helps fix the cause of these confusing messages. :)


- John Croisant

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