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Re: [Chicken-users] [Chicken-hackers] Any thoughts on performance woes?

From: arc
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] [Chicken-hackers] Any thoughts on performance woes?
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 20:26:43 +1200
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On 07/04/15 22:59, Christian Kellermann wrote:
* Felix Winkelmann <address@hidden> [150407 10:41]:

That is (among a few other reasons) why I don't do much Scheme or Lisp
programming anymore - thinking about the community, reading all this
bullshit makes me sick.

comp.lang.lisp/scheme is in ruins for most things. But I would not say
that the 6-7 (regular) abusive posters there define the "community".

Driven by countless snobbish books and articles the (passive/)agressive
tone towards others seems to be *part* of the culture.

But I think this is somewhat changeing albeit slowly. This fine
community and its open attitude is one example but I have found guile
people and others equally attitude free (with exceptions on all sides of
course, but most of the active projects strive for a friendly
atmosphere). After all who wants to spend their free time around abusive

I would also caution against generalising from Usenet to some wider community. I haven't visited comp.lang.scheme in years, but I am on my second go at trying to make sense of Forth, so I've been lurking in comp.lang.forth, and it's also kind of problematic, due largely to a small handful of problematic personalities (one at least is engaging in the same behaviour as he did in c.l.s years ago: anyone remember gavino?). If those people disappeared, it would suddenly become a largely pleasant place.

Unfortunately open access, low barriers to entry, and no moderation it's simply too easy for difficult people to ruin life for everyone, (including of course brining out the worse in people who would otherwise be better), forever.

My impression of the online Scheme community some years ago (largely in the form of #scheme on freenode) was extremely positive: people were helpful and good-natured and fun almost always. The regulars were, to my knowledge and recollection, not for the most part especially influential schemers (although John and Alex had some presence), but I did interact with (or at least see some interaction with) people like Marc Feely, Anton van Straaten, Felix (pretty sure?), Alaric, et. al.

They all seemed like thoroughly nice people, and it's hard to believe the intervening years have turned them all nasty...

(and the Chicken list is also quite fine)


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