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[Chicken-users] A question about library search order

From: Oleg Kolosov
Subject: [Chicken-users] A question about library search order
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 22:20:01 +0400
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When writing multi-module application I've found that Chicken searches
for extensions in repository only and import libraries in the supplied
include-path's additionally. Judging from the sources, this behaviour is
intentional. Doesn't it make more sense to always search in user
supplied include paths first, and the repository path last, similar to
how C compilers search <> includes?

Current approach gives problems when I have previous versions of the
modules already installed and try to compile a new with changed exports.
Chicken seem to use the import libraries from the repository which gives
"module unresolved" errors. This forces me to compile and install
modules one-by-one which is quite fragile for larger applications (build
failed for example, the repository is left with some old and some new

There is setup-mode option but it is not scalable for multiple
executables needing multiple modules.

Regards, Oleg

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