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Re: [Chicken-users] Problem: Chicken-install OpenSSL / rand.h

From: Claude Marinier
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Problem: Chicken-install OpenSSL / rand.h
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 20:04:34 -0500 (EST)
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On Wed, 11 Dec 2013, address@hidden wrote:
Hmm. Maybe I should install openssl without making use of chicken-install?
What would be a suitbable way to do it on windows?

So far I have copied all header files from openssl sources to a directory,
and then put the chicken openssl egg files into it (the latter were
retrieved via "chicken-install openssl -retrieve")

However, "chicken-install -location" refuses to accept my file paths.

Could it be that chicken-install has rather weak support for the windows
operating system? It seems that "/" and "\" are a real problem here.

Have you see these?

There are likely other similar resources. Note that I have not used any of them. When faced with similar problems with MinGW, I now tend to move to cygwin. This sort of fight can be tiring and fruitless. Unix & Linux software just builds more easily with cygwin; this is expected since the mission of cygwin is to provide a compatibility layer between Unix/Linux/ POSIX software and MS Windows. Take a look at cugwin's license; some people do not like it.

C Marinier

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