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[Chicken-users] Problem with uuid-lib egg

From: John Maxwell
Subject: [Chicken-users] Problem with uuid-lib egg
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 16:47:12 -0400

Hi all-

I'm writing some code which needs to generate uuids, so naturally I
turned to the uuid-lib egg. My problem is, the egg needs
(since the egg is basically a thin wrapper around that library), and
this is causing me headaches.

When I compile my code, I add -luuid to the csc link command, like so:

    csc -o my-app my-app.o more-code.o -luuid

and all is well. However, I also need to run the same code using csi
(for unit testing purposes), and this doesn't work so well; csi
segfaults out the first time that I try to call any of the uuid

Obviously, I could rebuild csi to link against libuuid (or play games
with using the ELF utilities to modify the binary and add libuuid to
it's dependencies), but this feels... wrong.

Is this a bug in the egg (i.e., should the egg take care of pulling in
libuuid)? Or is it inherent in the design of Chicken? Or... what?

Suggestions, workarounds, etc. deeply appreciated.


John Maxwell                          address@hidden
Software Developer, OpenAmplify

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