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[Chicken-users] regarding obsolete eggs

From: Felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] regarding obsolete eggs
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2012 22:03:03 +0200 (CEST)


As far as I know, we currently don't have any explicit policy
regarding obsolete eggs. In situations like the one we have now with
Moritz' nice Markdown parser, older eggs may become redundant. It is
crucial that these eggs remain available! I'm sure I speak for many
when I think of how frustrating it is to have some long-running code,
that, even if not up-to-date, still serves some function sufficiently,
that suddenly fails to work because of changes in the environment,
packages that are silently upgraded or services that are switched off.
Even an API-compatible replacement may still have subtle semantic
differences to the old code, so there is no guarantee that the new
variant works in place if the old.

If an egg-maintainer considers an egg to be obsolete, please just
change its "category" property in the .meta file to 'obsolete. If the
egg is hosted outside of our SVN repository and you don't want to keep
it on the 'net or want to get rid of the wasted repository space,
consider moving it into the official egg SVN repo - we will happily
assist you in doing this, should help be needed.


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