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Re: [Chicken-users] 64-bit SPARC build - Re: [] Compiling on S

From: Toby Thain
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] 64-bit SPARC build - Re: [] Compiling on Solaris 10
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 20:14:26 -0500
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On 10/11/11 11:47 AM, Jim Ursetto wrote:

On Nov 10, 2011, at 6:40 AM, Toby Thain wrote:
3) It's really sad to see 25% CPU utilisation on this quad-CPU system 
throughout the long build. Is the parallel make patch coming? :)

The patch in ticket 526 
still works fine with, although I've never tried it on solaris.  It 
is just not applied by default.

This patch works beautifully on Solaris 10/SPARC64. Now builds in 10 minutes:

real    10m26.613s
user    38m39.934s
sys     0m49.171s



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