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[Chicken-users] Few questions from chicken newbie

From: Serg Kozhemyakin
Subject: [Chicken-users] Few questions from chicken newbie
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 09:50:38 +0300

Hi ppl,

i'm new with chicken and scheme at all but always wanted to get some real impression about scheme. so i started small toy project -- cli tool for managing running rtorrent instance on my synology ds, and during implementation of it i encountered few questions and maybe someone will be able to clarify them:

1) number->string behaves different on arm and x86. on arm it adds ".0" to unix time after conversion. is it suppose to be so?
2) is it possible to build "real" static binary? i tried -static flag of csc, it built static binary but when i started it -- it reported something that can't load coops and crashed. don't remember exact message, can copy/paste it later.
3) is it possible to build standalone win binary?

If someone interested --

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