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[Chicken-users] Compiling modules

From: blakes . 85
Subject: [Chicken-users] Compiling modules
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 22:43:23 -0400

I'm having some trouble compiling modules and one main file into a binary. I'm
using 4.7.0. I have 3 modules, a, b and c. Module c depends on b and a while b
depends on a.

My modules look like:

(module module-a (...)
  (import scheme chicken ...)

(module module-b (...)
  (import scheme chicken ... module-a)

(module module-c (...)
  (import scheme chicken ... module-a module-b)

Right now I'm trying:

$ csc -c -unit module-a module-a.scm
$ csc -c -uses module-a module-a.o module-b.scm

Then I get:

Syntax error (import): cannot import from undefined module


I've tried not using unit and uses but that didn't seem to help. Any help would
be wonderful.

Blake Sweeney

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