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Re: [Chicken-users] Code for parsing multipart/form-data

From: Jörg F . Wittenberger
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Code for parsing multipart/form-data
Date: 22 Sep 2011 11:36:28 +0200

On Sep 20 2011, Santosh Rajan wrote:


I am looking for chicken code for parsing multipart/form-data. Can anyone
point me to the code please? Sure it must be there somewhere, at least in
the web server code.

There is also at
the Code for Askemos.  It's maintained.  (Runs at all the servers of at this moment 3 hosts with Chicken and 3 with RScheme.)

You will need both (still at this time), the RScheme tarball
(which contains the R5RS code too) and the chicken port (chicken
specific code only).

For the MIME parser and serialiser see the directory mechanism/notation.

See to get an idea what is in the
other directories.

(Note that the HTTP/S server/client implementation might look a bit strange;
not only has it been grown over time to run on two different Schemes,
since it runs in a p2p environment, it needs to be careful to maintain
resources and watch timeouts all the time.
On top of that it supports some magic to "reverse" connections, where
the "client" - which has opened the network connection - will act as
server wrt. HTTP.)

Best regards

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