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[Chicken-users] environment egg - any replacement?

From: Jörg F . Wittenberger
Subject: [Chicken-users] environment egg - any replacement?
Date: 12 Sep 2011 19:17:58 +0200

btw: thanks for the congratulations.

Stay tuned!  It's been a pre-announcement for an almost seen event.
Well, the event was there, but not enough testing.
Or let's say: the execution environment of Askemos is *supposed*
to heal malfunction of a particular node by re-synchronizing
to a common global state.  And that's normal to happen in operation.
And so it did!
Since so far the chicken-driven nodes have not reached the 2/3+1
majority, they went into resynch on error, which I ignored as
"seen often enough" (it's fast enough to ignore).
Now the website (among other things) ran on 3x chicken 3x rscheme.
No change to silently submit to the majority and resync.
It would simply not change anymore.

For the time being I had to revert to rscheme.
(And thereby the need to announce the event was gone :-/ (

Nevertheless I'll not give up right in front of the goal.

So: I've been using the environment eggs code for some things.
This does not work any longer.  I'd rather like to keep the
code compatibility with rscheme and chicken's eval.

So far I've been using only four functions:


These I found so far to be kind of the minimum to enable envt
manipulations from user code.

Could we have such a thing?  I'm ready to hack the code overnight,
but what's the API chicken does need right now and which changes
to this API are expected to come more sooner than later?

Thanks a lot


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