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[Chicken-users] wiki pages and h1 title

From: John Gabriele
Subject: [Chicken-users] wiki pages and h1 title
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 12:56:59 -0400

Hi all,

I've noticed that some of the wiki pages have an h2 title at the top,
some don't. For the ones that have have a table of contents, some have
an h2 above the toc, some have it below.

I think pages look a bit odd if they have no title at the very top.

Looking at the source for a few pages, I haven't seen any h1 tags anywhere.

The [editing help]( page says not
to use "= title", as h1's are reserved for use by the wiki itself.

I think most pages would probably look best if there's always an h1
title at the top which is not part of the table of contents (if there
is indeed a toc).

Is the wiki indeed using h1's for anything?

Does the wiki generate a portion of a page's <title> tag using the
first h2 on the page?

I think it would make sense for every page to have an h1 ("= Page
Title") at the top, which would not be part of a toc (if present),
which would be rendered at the top of the page body (above the toc, if
present), and which would be used to generate the first portion of the
page's <title>. What do you think?


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